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Message - January 12, 1997

The Trumpeter : St. Michael is standing directly in front of me at this time --- after I waited several minutes for his arrival. I know when he is coming because of the sounds and the light that almost always precede him. St. Michael is very princely robed in white and gold. In full armor, he stands with his shield resting against his right hip, which is a sign of his being at a moment of great peace --- though he is still at battle with the throngs of evil and their insatiable appetite for the eternal torment of souls. St. Michael is accompanied by two of our Blessed Mother's Angels --- Her Guardian Angel, St. Clement, and one of the Seraphim that quite often accompanies Our Lady when I receive a public message from Her.

In St. Michael's left hand, he holds the orb of light which holds many symbols of the Divine and is also an instrument of teaching for us to learn through.

St. Joan of Arc is to my right --- also in armor of the same color and design as St. Michael. With her are two knights who are standing behind her. She is holding her banner of the Immaculate Heart extended out to her left side.

St Michael : So few are able to hear the voice of God Almighty as they are so far from the path of truth. Most have lost their desire to even know the love which God gives completely (His greatest love is Our Queen). All who are consecrated (as all should be) are called to their pre-destination --- to answer the call to holiness --- and come to Life Eternal. The labors of evil grow with the increase of sin. Moment by moment, Mankind is racing towards the hand of chastisement having not the slightest consideration for its eternal end.

How many times has the most beloved of creatures, our Queen and Mother of our God, exposed Her Most Pure and Immaculate Heart to the calumny of Her children? You look through the pleas from Heaven seeking to find a way to apply them for your own self-glory only to feed your own false obedience. Oh, how people labor to disguise their sins and weaknesses from other persons without the first concern that the Almighty God knows all.

There are those --- like yourself--- who have realized the "secrets" as they are called, of Heaven's messages: the love songs rising in Glory to God calling for humans to respond, think, listen well, and repent. In all the states of life, evil has entered bringing corruption and even death, yet so many are incited to greater evils by their own sins. It is always sin that lures mankind to self-destruction and the eternal enslavement of the immortal soul. You cannot serve two masters. You must truly love one and hate the other. There can be no compromise. You do not examine your hearts with honesty. You choose to look in mirrors of your own making and avoiding the exposure of the light of truth. This is your downfall. No one wants to accept accountability for his omission in responding to the grace of God.

The free will is one of the greatest gifts given by God for all souls. All souls are given the free will to become one with God, our Creator, or to reject the perfect love for self. By the Divine Hope, I saw and recognized the perfect humility of the Divine Love, God and Creator, and because of the perfect humility of Divine Love, I knew to ask “Who is like unto God?” --- Knowing as well the answer.

Here was his (Lucifer) downfall --- as well as millions of others --- his turn to pride and continuing to sin by his betrayal of the Divine Love --- self for self. Just as Judas gave into pride; he traded his love for God in exchange for hate --- life eternal for death eternal.

Remember how Christ purchased the redemption of your soul with His suffering and death on the cross? Remember this always --- you have been purchased by Christ Jesus to know and share in His Eternal glory. Again and again He gives His Eternal Glory for you upon the Cross of the Holy Altar in the Most August Sacrament.

The intellect God has given to Mankind is meant to re-enforce the ability to exercise your free will rightfully and without reservation, the gift of intellect gives for all the ability to share the infinite love by choosing the finite, yes, to God and no to self --- viewing aside from the Divine Love's mercy, you disregard the honesty of your motive and accountability for desires, intents, and deeds. Were it not for the Divine Mercy, opened to you through the Redemption of your souls and mortal beings, the first act of reservation would also be your last.

I use the word reservation to emphasize the division between love and pride. Love is trust and fidelity without reservation. Love is giving completely, holding nothing in reservation. By God's revelations and example through Christ Jesus by the grace of faith, you know God's love is complete --- given completely of Himself from Himself, ruled only by the law of love. Omission is not an exemption from accountability. We, the angels, knew completely our choice. Each, of his own free will, chose without impediment. One third cast themselves from grace, forsaking the Eternal Good.

Pray to your angel guardians who love you with the love of our Creator. And pray to God to give them greater persuasion within your lives to accompany you in the pursuit of fidelity. Learn of our nature and virtue for the enlightenment of your heart and mind. Unite your love for God, our Creator, by entrusting yourselves in consecration to us for a greater union of our love to become a one love undivided, as we dwell within the Mystical Body of Christ, serving in the glory of His Kingdom. Examine what I have just stated, ".. . sharing in the glory of His Kingdom. . . ."

The Trumpeter : St. Joan of Arc reflects a radiance of light that is symbolic of her espousal to Our Lord. (It is very similar to the light souls in grace have when they have just received communion.) Suspended just above her head is a very delicate crown very much like a tiara. Around this crown are three small stars of light emitting the colors of aqua, green, and white. The distinction between the colors is clear.

Her youth clearly showing, as well as the gentleness reflecting in her face, makes it hard to imagine her as a warrior and leader of an army.

St Joan of Arc:   In the years before I was called to come to the aid of my country, St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Bridget were my mentors. They taught me with great tenderness, the science of the saints, feeding my heart, mind, and soul with love of God. I did not respond to heaven's directions for any reason other than love. From love I had faith to trust in those things I did not understand. And in time, with the graces that came with hope, my love gave courage for me to know the infinite good they were sharing with me.

In these times of tribulation, evil labors to disguise itself as the true hope, the true faith, counterfeiting a false love for self by feeding man's desire for instant gratification. The hunger for manna grows within your hearts to fill the space that should contain only the undying love for God, that love God put into every soul at its creation, the love that is God Himself and cannot ever be destroyed, that light that is given to all souls.

Not until Baptism does the Holy Spirit come to dwell within your immortal soul. And there He remains until the eternal judgment made by each person at the time of his mortal death.

See what has happened to the land of my birth? The desire for sin reins above all other goals of thepeople. They like the rest of the world labor for damnation. Once the lily of the church, with great beauty and perfume pleasing fragrance of piety, they have betrayed your redemption for the taste of corruption feasting upon the decay of your homeland.

Not many months from now the president of France as well as several high ranking officials shall be assassinated, bringing my homeland into a greater state of chaos than when I was called by God to regather His army dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This will be a part of the destruction of many nations as the death of the president of France will follow within days of the death of the leader of the Francs. These events will bring the uprising of false contenders for the crown of royal blood. The true and chosen one called by God is a true son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and will be known as the Great Restorer. This one will be crowned king by the Hand of God through His Vicar, with a Lily upon the Gate, titled Son of Orleans on his shield.

Look now to my side where there are three monks standing and see these chosen for this time as intercessors. They are St. Charbel, Padre Pio, and Fr. John, the barefooted.

Mystics in the church today are fighting the greatest battles between the fallen spirits with such fury as there has never been before. The light of many stars is being extinguished, most never to shine again. Those who know the truth of Christ's teaching must speak timely and from the roof tops. Let those who have ears listen and they will know the truth. But my sorrow is great as I grieve for so many who refuse to listen. . . We are in the truth. The glory of Christ is fulfilled again and again. Be with us in His Second Coming --- never ending witnesses of virtue and judgment.

The Trumpeter:   St. Joan of Arc has come to the side of the one they identified as Fr. John the barefooted. He is smiling. I understand he will speak also.

Fr John the Barefooted:  We continue to live within the glory of Christ’s love for souls. This Eternal Love compels us to speak of this love. Love is life in all forms created by God Almighty.

The gift of free will shares with the creation of good and eternal life. Also by your will you can become the Divine Will because of love's humility on your will departs from the divine choosing self as the Divine. He will greet your heart with the eternal love many times each day. You reject Him because of His infinite humility. Infinite love for another is beyond your comprehension and this is because you lack faith. Faith of grace as well as desire is deprived by you by your own free will. Because of the lack of humility in your being (heart-mind-deeds), you refuse love for love's own being --- the love by which you were created.

The Trumpeter:   Tears are welling up in his eyes and he breathes with a deep sigh --- then he continues . . .

Fr John:  Oh, my Love, my God, my Life
Continue Your sway upon my heart
The sweetness of Your caress.
I seek You in all abodes of Your holiness
In meekness Your whisper calls my heart to flight,
Soaring with the greatest of eagles.
Sweetest thirst, I crave Thee.
Quench the fire of Thy Love.
Enkindle its consuming flame.
Waxen mannequin burn as incense
Arise to the creature
For bear witness to the chains
I grasp in heart and hope.
Restrain my glance
Cover my eyes
As I dare not see Thee
I desire this beauty
Thy love clothe my soul
And with Thy wisdom my lips be purged
For in Thy shadow I walk
With shackles, love’s delight
Thy voice puts fear to flight.
The poor rejoice
As shame shall weep in gladness
For the promise has been kept
Within Thy glorious loving.

The Trumpeter:  Fr. John holds his chest as if to be holding a great treasure. Emanating from him are four brilliant rays of light. The kind of light that is made by emanating heart. With each color different than the others yet all coming from the same source, each is of a different and distinct color that seems very fluid. These four rays of light extend about ten feet, and then blend into each other. This then forms a huge and brilliant circle of light around him. This same circle of light forms around all of the others as well, though there is a very distinct glow of gold under the feet of the four priests. the same gold color engulfs St. Michael also.

Fr John:  In our love, our lives and anointing, we are priests of the divine priesthood. We cherish the marks of Christ Jesus for all of you sons of Our Mother and Queen of All Priests. From the beginning was born from Her love the holy anointing of Christ. Ponder these words and examine the fullness of this anointing of the most loving of mothers . Examine the fear the fallen spirits and souls have of humility, and in your honest searching you will discover the glory of Christ Jesus. ("Mother, it is not My time... Do as He tells you...."[from the wedding feast at Canna]). And the water was transformed into the finest of wines. Because of humility's love, the Divine Providence became the Divine Will.

Humility possesses love completely. Think of this statement carefully, “Humility possesses..." Many are the scholars who have thought the reverse, but they have been mistaken through their lack of understanding of true humility. Love cannot possess humility as love is humility. Yet humility possesses and contains love within its own being because love cannot resist giving itself completely to the only thing that is capable of containing and retaining love completely.

With humility comes the fear of all evils because humility exists for love alone and it knows evil can destroy its natural beauty which it needs to remain the abode of love. Love knows no fear yet love gives fear to protect love from evils. With holy fear the soul reveals to the will (the intellect) voice and vision of the living word, that those who have eyes may see.

This vision is true knowledge of grace given by God. Often the soul is sharing sacramentally in communion with God. In holy knowledge fear preserves love’s passion for love given as well as received. This love then rests upon the knee of justice to nurse of the milk from wisdom, the bosom of love. Wisdom in return for the reception of piety and faith rejoices in the counsel love lead to greater love. Love --- the word calling all to know who is like unto God. Giving also its only reply, Who?

Humility is the Divine Hope promised by love's being as only humility can truly possess love. In this possession is the glory of all holy love’s wisdom given only for those who fear in holy humility. The joyful vision is the predestination of the free will humbled before love.

Fr. John is robed as an orthodox or very traditional Catholic. He seems to rise in an ecstatic joy as he is speaking. Also the light with him has completely consumed him with only a silhouette of himself showing. The light I am referring to is actually a fire, and is usually associated with a bishop. It would be much too lengthy to explain effectively for you, the reader, so I will refer to the fire as a special light, which in itself is very true.

The Trumpeter:   Padre Pio has made a gesture for me to respond to his instructions though there are several other things going on at the same time.

An image of the world has been visible below this whole group as I am seeing them. Drops of oil have been coming from the hands of the priests falling upon the image of the earth. Not all of the drops of oil reach the earth. Most burst into flames above the earth quickly rising as smoke very much in the manner that incense forms puffs of smoke when the censor is being swung back and forth. Padre Pio is saying....

Padre Pio:  The Divine providence shall be fulfilled before the cloud shall clear concealing the mystery of faith. From this cloud of glory shall come the fire of purification gathering the just into the transfiguration. For those of you who have a holy fear that you shall always be humbled before the humility of God's Love.

Evil has brought humiliation upon your brow to enslave you in eternal darkness. Evil continues to ape all likeness of God, and by your free will you ape evil for want of self glory.

Store the treasure of Heaven in your heart. There you should be filled with the glory of God. The living word made flesh must dwell within your heart and soul before you can know and understand the question of St. Michael. Who?

The true vicar of Christ and his true brothers shall be surrounded by the Judases of Christ's Church. This day shall not pass before the enemies of truth shall reach an advancement to the seat of Peter.

The new millennium has been seen by John Paul II and he knows its arrival shall come when he is at a great distance from the and of the anti-Christ, Maitreya. Then shall come a sigh, fulfilled in its passing to pronounce the vileness of the anti-prophet. The exhumation will fulfill the Divine Providence of the prophets in its passing. Still the world seeks the living world among the dead. The prophets have told you were you must seek the living --- among the living! All of the living gather within them as they are the living. Fr. John has expressed to you the abode of love is the possessor of the glory and the gathering of the living.

The cloud is rising and many can already see the purifying fire of love with the witnesses living within the glory of Christ Jesus. Again is His Coming calling you to come into His glory? From behind the cloak the cloud of confusion your prayers are answered, they are fulfilled to overflowing.

For which crown do you seek and for what treasure would you purchased and for what price will you pay? The resale of redemption denies the true value of the immortal soul. The highest price has been paid --- in full --- with, by, and through the infinite humility of God’s love for His children. But, orphans you choose to remain. Remaining homeless by choice thinking the divine Mercy will repurchase your soul. How mistaken you are. The greatest of sinners who in humility seek mercy shall receive the greatest mercy. Through humility true piety realizes the fear for the loss of God's love.

Deep within the catacombs of the church the truth thrives upon the realization of the persecution that must be fulfilled for the martyrdom at hand. These living martyrs labor in great pains over the sorrows raging within Christ’s church worldwide.

From the east to the west is said we have suffered much for your loss of faith and your want for new theologies. Such imperfect gifts you seek for your self glory --- just as the prophets have spoken of you long ago.

Half long into this year of 1997, your sorrows shall be realized as they prepare for the days of their passing. You will greet the peacemaker as a savior all the while he is delivering nation for their destruction. With his smiles he will deliver the north into the hands of pagans who will ravage the temples of old, as they cry, "Lord! Lord! Deliver us from the demons, that we may cleanse the earth in Thy Holy Name.” These blasphemers are less than the traitors within Christ's Church. And it is these traitors who have paved the way for the anti-prophet to defame the seat of Peter.

Listen to the cries of the Holy Innocents as their angels gain vindication forcing the incarnate to flee from their presence. These holy little ones who knew no blame are to return as the great intercessors of the meek. All good priests should invoke their names as the true victors of the living! By the blood of the martyrs all evils are defeated. My brother, you must be the defenders of the truth to defend the sheep in their trust. You must fight all enemies from without or within Christ's Church. By your priesthood the gates of Hell should be shaken by the piety and trust of your anointing. The Most Blessed Virgin should remain always in your sight, while upon vipers you tread. Heart with heart --- Hand to hand --- East to west --- all unveiled as the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Our Mother are united.

Predestination is a result of free will, not the action of Divine Providence. You among all others should see beyond the veil to gaze upon the Eternal Glory as they rest in your privileged care. Through your anointing and consecration we gather to witness from within the Glory of Christ in His Kingdom! A new advent will be declared this year bringing disgrace upon the name shepherd, and in this passing the miters will separated and scatter into the shadows of a new theology. A theology worthless than fairy tales fill be embraced to the dismay of many. The West will continue to reject the East until their reunion at the end of the century. The "forced" humility will bring great fear into the hearts of those divided among themselves and the anti-prophet voice will have no weight until his third year.

With the peace maker, the anti-prophet has made a pact refusing to recognize they are but pawns of the anti-Christ. Even until the time of the sign the anti-prophet's words will be sweet as honey as he conspires for the sacrifice of many and the sons of David will expose the blood upon his hands.

The Trumpeter:  The look on Padre Pio's face is one of great determination. He is not speaking in anger or with animosity, rather he speaks with articulate clarity as if he were reading words already prepared for him to deliver. The exactness of his manner is very distinct to the point of being profound in his tone and pronunciation of each word.

St. Charbel continues without delay after Padre Pio.

St Charbel:  Mankind has devised a false security for himself. Built upon the backs of the poor and oppressed. Evil has given you the knowledge and tools for the genocide of millions and those of such great power in the world have no hesitation other than the fear of retaliation. When they overcome that fear, God will let chaos rule for seven months, at with time He will intervene for those who have returned to humility begging for mercy. At this passing, eight of every twenty will have perished.

Even as you read this, I say you do not believe because you have no holy fear for your soul. Were this not true, what we are saying would be the denunciation of the prophets of God. But because we are of the living, we can speak only the truth. Mercy nor Justice is ours. We are only witnesses sharing within the glory of Christ Jesus united in the Heart of God's Love, the Immaculate Conception.

St. Michael questioned, "Who?” And the reply came, "I am the Immaculate Conception.” The Divine Hope preserved the abode of the Living Word from the infinite beginning. Here is where you refuse to believe. You do not want a God who in His infinite power is also infinitely humble. By infinite love God has taken refuge within the Immaculate Conception, the temple of humility. And in this giving of Himself over to complete humility the Immaculate Conception is by being the Divine Providence, giving complete satisfaction to the Divine Will. Hence, making redemption of mankind possible through Her being.

The Trumpeter:   I ask you, the reader, to pray deeply from within your heart asking the Holy Spirit to aide you with great prudence as you ponder all that has been written here. Make reparation for your sins against both God and man while you pray for those who have no one to pray for them. Please continue with the prayer for the Baptism of the unborn as they are the victors for interceding for us in these times of need.

God bless you abundantly through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.


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