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                                  Message given 16 April 2005

                                                in Rome, Italy

 The Trumpeter:  At approximately 3:00 am I was awakened by a light that drew my attention to the Holy Father (John Paul II) who was standing in what appeared to be another room, a few feet away.  I realized immediately that this was a vision. I asked for his blessing and his first reply was “Good.” Then he gave me, St. Michael, and my Guardian Angel, a simple but formal blessing.  Then he asked for my blessing in return. 

Holy Father (John Paul II):  I am coming to each of you, the apostles, and then I will speak to many of the mystics, visionaries and seers.  I am seeking your united prayers in “one voice” with me as we beg the Eternal Father, through the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to spare the innocent of this chastisement many of the church fathers believed could never come upon them and Christ’s church.  No longer can it be said that the Hand of Justice is falling.  The Hand of Justice and Purification has now fallen.  Justice demands the removal of many graces, taken for granted to remain forever, as a part of the Eternal foundation of Christ’s church. 

Many serpents will expose themselves and their evil aims for power, both corporal and spiritual.  The smoke of Satan will cover many more as a cloud of death.  Justice will expose those who labor for their own gains and not for the salvation of souls. The division is now being demanded by the cries of the innocent, calling for justice and many will struggle in great sorrow as they seek to choose wisely who are the true Fathers of Faith. 

Pray with me for them to seek godliness, not for business as usual.  Pray for the consecration of all hearts to the Twin Hearts.  Only by the Twin Hearts is there hope for mankind.  The Divine Will of God will rule with an iron rod upon the backs of those who persist in their pride.  Make your days a living prayer consecrated to the Twin Hearts.  Pray for the grace of faith for the many who follow the false Fathers who have become blind by the smoke of the father of lies. Pray for the Immaculate Heart to mediate the Divine Justice giving the sway of Her Heart upon the Angels of Reparation.  Our Holy Mother will expose those who have no true love for God.  And the Holy Angels will uncover those who have given themselves to death.   

Holy Mother Church is now upon the path of Calvary, soon to be crucified.  A chastisement like never before is now upon those who have failed to be faithful to their calling and vocation to bring souls to salvation, or for some, martyrdom which shall be their only avenue to make reparation to God. We must pray for grace to be given to souls, or the confusion being caused by the serpents in the church will blind even more souls than there have already been poisoned by these fathers of lies.   We must pray for the delay of the wars, now let loose by the Angels of Death.   

Continue to offer to God the martyrdom of Our Divine Lord with the Baptism of the Unborn.  By this they are among the Holy Innocents.  Unite your prayers with them as well. The revelations of these times are revealed in the holy mysteries of the rosary.  Meditate upon them and you will be able to understand the love given by the Immaculate Heart. It is easy to see how all who are not of God, fear Our Most Holy Mother. 

And it is the duty of all of Her children to pray for the grace of God to be given to all hearts so that the love we have been so blessed to know can be known by all souls.  Her love will insure the Divine Mercy to be poured out upon anyone who asks it of Her Immaculate Heart. May the Immaculate Heart of the mystical body of Christ preserve us…. +In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen."


(No matter how hard I tried to ask questions, I could not.  The Holy Father appeared to be in good health but not in a glorified state.)

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