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Message Received:  March 16, 2001

In the Chapel at St. Peter’s Community

The Trumpeter:  Before Mass began, I could see our Blessed Mother with Saint Therese kneeling, in prayer, at the foot of the altar in front of the Tabernacle. While they were praying, Our Lord was standing in front of them and blessing them. Many tears seemed to be falling from their eyes onto the carpet on the floor in front of the altar.

I cannot begin to describe the great multitude of angels that was behind Our Lady and Saint Therese as if they were joining in with their prayers. The Angels made no sounds while Our Lady was speaking to Our Divine Lord.

As I am accustomed to receiving these messages during Mass, my Angel instructed me to proceed.

As a reminder for those who may not already know, at no time do any of these things interfere or interrupt any part of the Mass. At no time do these messages interfere with or occur during the Consecration, as this would be a clear sign that they were not from Heaven. At no time can Heaven present a distraction, or competition, with the Consecration of the Divine Species although this does not prevent me from realizing what is happening and retain it in my memory to be recorded later.

Our Blessed Mother is petitioning Her Divine Son for an abundant increase of His Infinite Mercy to be poured out in greater abundance upon all of mankind.

Our Lord : My dear Mother, Heart of My Heart, I give to You all that You ask for the intercession of souls, for their increase of love for their God. To date, (at this time) I present for all souls to study more upon the great wonderful institution of the most August and Blessed Sacrament upon the altar. I present and give the grace for it to be understood, the perfect union and presence of Our Twin Hearts, and this Means of Supernatural Food. For as bread feeds the body, so this Bread I give feeds eternal life. And as You, Yourself, My Mother, are present with Me, this means that You are this Food also.

I caution souls to be very prudent, and examined this grace with a prayerful and contrite heart. As I teach My Church that I am Food indeed, by eating My Flesh and drinking My Blood, this is promised to My Church. And I have accomplished My promise.

The night before I died, I said to eat, for This is My Body. I made this Sacrament for Holy Communion. To eat My Flesh was the primary End for Instituting This Sacrament. I loved souls so completely that in order to unite all souls to Myself, I created this heavenly Food Which only has the appearance of bread of the earth. This is My Body and Blood. In this Sacrament, before all, eat My Body, and drink My Blood. And, within us, all become united as one body within Our Eternal Father.

I unite myself to all who come to feed upon Me. All souls become one, that they may live, that I should live in them. It is now no longer they, but I, and they shall live in Me, in the Father, as the Father is within Me. But I also teach that You, My Mother, are also substantially present with Me; and this does also have You become heavenly Food.

The dogmas of My Church are revealed by the Holy Ghost, therefore when My Church has spoken, this truth cannot be changed. The dogma, once declared, is always true and forever lasting. Dogma cannot change, for truth cannot change.

My Church is alive within Me, as I live within My Church. And I develop within Her My doctrines. In time She will obtain the fullness of the age I shall bring Her upon this earth.

In the beginning, all the truths were taught by the Apostles; yet the Apostles, for instance, did not teach the devotion to My most Sacred Heart in this same way as it is taught in this day. There were no First Friday devotions in the time of Saint Paul, yet Saint Paul taught the love of My Sacred Heart for all souls and the love that should be returned to Me. So really the devotion to My Most Sacred Heart has always been included and the love for Christ, which Saint Paul taught, was so eloquent. Yet it had a different form then than it does today. With the turn of the centuries, My teachings have grown with My Church, so that My teachings developed, and became more clear, but always in the same sense, the same doctrines, and in the same dogma.

This same thing is to happen concerning You, My Most Blessed Mother. From the beginning, You were saluted as ‘full of grace’ in Holy Script as it is recorded. Yet it would be centuries before a dogma of faith would be taught by My Church, in regard to Your Divine Motherhood.

From the very beginning, it was believed that You were and are, My Mother, and that I am God. But one day the question was raised about the two natures I possess, saying I am completely Divine in nature, and I am complete in My Human Nature. My bishops gathered under My Pontiff and they decided the best way to destroy the various heresies was to simply declare that You, Mary, My Mother, are truly the Mother of God. Thus it became evident that I have truly two natures, since You could give Me only a human nature. By this statement that You, Mary, My Mother, are Mother of God, reveals that I must also have the Divine Nature. This is still a mystery that I have held close to My Heart, revealing it only to two of the prophets of these times; only these two have received the grace to understand that You are My Mother from the beginning.

As I revealed all things to man I have made this known through my prophets, and it will be through them, that in time, this grace shall be revealed throughout the world.

This doctrine concerning You, My Mother, keeps developing through the age of My Church. In time the day came when it was declared that Your Virginity has always been, before My Birth and after My Birth. You, My Mother, are saluted the ‘Ever Virgin Mary.’ Still a new dogma is to be defined, and this dogma will be made immense before the Church. Many will see to oppose My Will. But, what is the last word of this development? What shall be the last word of this a praying Pontiff?

My Pontiff shall speak about the Motherhead of the Mystical Body of Jesus, and My last dogmatic word for You shall be as follows: Mary, My Mother, continues to eternally show, and possess the Mystical Body of Christ; with this same Motherly care and ardent love, with which You clasped the Infant Jesus to Your warm and nourishing breasts.

So, I ask of My Church this question, does not My Mother nurse you from Her breasts as She did Me as an Infant, both spiritually and true? And can you not see how this happens in the Holy Eucharist?

My Mother does this, as She gives Her Virginal Milk, by first preparing all souls to receive Me, the Divine Food, and Holy Communion. So now, this grace of preparation that You give and unite to all souls within My Physical and Mystical Body is truly substantial, as is given by God through Your holy nature as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces.

As Saint Paul said to the first Christians, that he was giving to them the milk, because, they were not strong enough to eat the solid food.

And this, My Mother, is that You are here united perfectly and substantially within the Most Holy Eucharist to obtain for all true grace of contrition, humility, and love, assisting all souls in their approach to their physical union with their God.

The Trumpeter:  During this time, as Our Lord was speaking, the light radiating from Our Lord shown itself as only one light that contained both Himself and Our Lady as One. I know that this is all of the message, or revelation, that Heaven revealed at this time. Our Lord did give His blessing to all of us several times at the end when He was through speaking.

In turn, I also give my priestly blessing to all who read these words, as I bless all of you, in the Name of The Father, and in the Name of The Son, and in the Name of The Holy Ghost. Amen.


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