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Given: Sunday 18 July 2004


 Blessed Virgin Mary:  My son, from here you can see how they are gathering.   

St. Michael:  They think it is by their own design that they are planning and preparing various ploys.  They are plotting among themselves.  This renewed effort is another attack upon the remaining faithful intended to divide and separate even more from the fold, and intending to cause a weakening of the trust and confidence in the shepherds of Holy MotherChurch.  Further attacks upon the Holy Sacraments are being employed as a means for eroding the individual’s practice of participating and receiving Redemptive Grace. One of evil’s favorite ploys is to reverse their actions of temptation.  Evil thinks that they have the power of applying grace to a person as if the grace belonged to, or was, a tool of evil from the beginning.  For example:  At the time prior and up to the time evil is presenting a temptation to a person, evil is allowed to diminish or even increase a person’s recognition of shame.  This inability to realize shame is the person’s willingness to separate themselves from the grace of God by directly opposing or breaking away from the laws of God which increases the individual’s receptiveness to sin.  This is also because part of the nature of shame is the inclusion of fear for the consequences of having sinned.  In turn, by the removal of hiding the shame from the direct view of the person at the time of temptation, the opportunity for the individual to merit and receive greater grace is made available in part because of the person’s own desire to remain in union with God by His Grace, without having been motivated by shame. 

Shame is united with fear and remorse, as well as the desire for self preservation.  Put all of this together with a greater realization of the Divine Will of God for us, individually, and a person should always pray for the grace that at the moment of temptation they should and would have an acute awareness of the sufferings offered to the Eternal Father by Christ, the Divine Son of the Father.


Consider all, or at least some, of the horrendous cruelty inflicted upon this innocent victim…pains compounded by physical, mental, and emotional trauma that is beyond comprehension, and all of it was caused by sin!  Yours!  Desire this remembrance continually.  Beg all of Heaven to plead with you to God asking for this one favor, this one great gift.  For one person to receive this grace, thousands of others would benefit, as well.  All of Hell would hate you and despise you for even desiring such grace from God.  Then comes the time when a person sins.  Is this evil’s time of victory?  Oh no!  It is only a short step calling evil to progress in efforts to cause the person to forget returning to God and seeking forgiveness for having forsaken God, and defying the goodness of His Divine Laws.  Evil fears remorse and benefit received by having repentance.  This is when evil labors to confirm the sin of the individual to prevent them from having sincere remembrance of the innocent victims suffering.  Otherwise, if evil fails to hound the individual, they Will repent and work not to commit the sins again.  Here is when the devils and demons return the shame they denied in the mind at the time of the temptations.  Evil stresses and compounds the recall and feelings of shame in their victims, not in an effort to invoke repentance but to convenience their prey that they cannot, and dare not, approach the Divine Mercy. 


Evil works to put shame and humiliation so vividly in the mind of their prey hoping to frighten them or convince them there is no hope or use in repenting.  The same that was lacking at the time of temptation is returned and even amplified at the time of confessing.


The Trumpeter:  The Devils and demons fear the grace of remorse so much so they put forth more effort to keep a person in sin than they do working at getting a person to sin in the first place.  I have seen the Guardian Angels crying out to Heaven asking for the grace of true remorse when they can tell that all effort is failing to prevent their companions from committing a grievous sin.  This is because when serious and deadly sin is committed, the angel is silenced and unable to intercede from that point on.  So before they become crippled by the effect deadly sin has upon them they are seeking aide for the grace of true remorse to be available.


I have seen the condition of people’s angels at various times.  One of times is while at mass.  People would be heartbroken and even shocked to see how it causes the Guardian Angels immense grief as they are pulled along side their companions bound in chains, gagged and protesting all the way up the aisles, brought before God and the whole mystical body, while the person is receiving communion sinfully.


So many people excuse themselves of their sins, and commit even greater sins while they neglect the saving graces of the Sacrament of Confession because they are ashamed to admit their sins.


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