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Message received: May 20, 2007

 The Trumpeter:  While making my visit before mass I heard the footsteps of someone approaching.  I looked up and saw one of our Lady's Angels. He is an Angel of Mercy. His gown was a beautiful soft, pastel green, and all of the edging was in a slightly darker green that was trimmed in a very delicate but brilliant gold. At his waist was a band of the darker green material covered with a golden lace. At both his hips were ribbons that reached the floor. He wore a narrow but delicate crown of gold that blended in with his platinum colored hair and the brilliant light that was surrounding him.  

He seemed to be standing inside of a cloud that was open like a corridor, or doorway. All around him were large lights that represented other Angels.  Even though there may be only one who is seen clearly, they are accompanied by a number of other angels that are represented by lights. These lights resemble very bright lights that glow as if being seen from the inside of a cloud. These lights are representative of the very shape and size of the angel that I see. 

As I watch him, for the moment, there seems to be a fire that surrounds him - a fire that is a short distance in front of his feet. Because of the appearance of this fire I know it represents the Divine Mercy of Our Lord, and immense Love that is the symbol of the suffering inflicted upon the Heart of Our Blessed Mother.  

The angel is saying: "Trumpeter of the Apocalypse, because of Her Love and intervention for souls and their salvation, the Heart of the Immaculate Conception suffers greatly for the many horrendous offenses committed against God.  Our Queen, your Mother, has called out from Heaven, time and time again, giving many signs to Mankind to awaken and encourage souls to repent for the many sins that are calling for the Divine Justice to purge the earth of its corruption.  Few listen, and even fewer respond.  Few chosen souls have responded to the call of the Sacred Heart to console His Suffering Heart, and that of His Most Holy Mother.  Although the Sacred Heart has called consecrated souls to serve the heart of His Holy Mother, few have responded heroically to their holy vocation.  The love of these few is great and they bring great consolation and comfort for those who do seek refuge in Her Immaculate Heart. For were it not for these few, the mercy overflowing from the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary would have been forced to give way to the Hand of Justice of the Eternal Father. It is the increase of sin that cries out louder and louder for justice to be brought upon the head of mankind. This cry is bringing the date of the Warning closer and closer each day. Justice shall fall upon you suddenly revealing to every soul its condition and state in the sight of God. Is it less than a year away? Or even two? The horror (sin) you will see contained within you is greater than you can imagine. The horror you will experience is for every sin committed and every grace denied, from the slightest to the most mortal offenses." 

"We (the Angels) are grieving for the suffering caused by the tears of blood shed by our Most Holy Queen, the Mother of Love, as she is crying out for mercy... Tears shed to awaken the hearts of Mankind, before it is too late."

 "How easily you forget the choices you make each moment of your life. Such a short and frail existence you have here on this earth. Why do you let yourselves be fooled into thinking that the pleasures of this world shall bring you eternal joy? You pride yourself in your God-given intelligence all the while you lie to yourselves, as well as to others, that you are a God." 

"You turn away your sight from the suffering of so many of your brothers and sisters, all the while, ignoring their needs and your responsibility to respond to their desperation.  You heap upon your own heads the burning coals of judgment. You turn away from their state as you claim yourself to be privileged. You hold no accountability for your excess and waste."

 "Amidst the wars in neither winter or summer, The Warning will come upon all of you. Large or small, rich or poor; no tear will spare you or any mountain hide you from its light. Those few moments in time, for some, will seem an eternity. Pray that you will not despair, for many will. You will see every one of your sins against God and man, and realizing the multitude of blessings given to you from God, and rejected.  The father of lies will convince many of you to believe that you have no hope and are lost." 

"For the first time, (when the warning comes) the world will be free from war, when again, in neither winter or summer - when a year has not passed - on Holy Ground you shall be consoled when you see 'The Miracle' of God's love for His children." "You will soon see the sign, sent from God, to stir your hearts to repent of your sins and to seek Love completely, in your lives."

 "Even to this warning, how many of you who shall listen?  Far too few!  Void yourself of the taste for sin!  Until you love Love, you cannot have life within you.  Listen to the 'Holy Mother of Fair Love', and of 'Fear', and of 'Knowledge', and of 'Holy Hope'.  She shall teach you all you need to know.  In Her is all grace of The Way and of The Truth.  In Her is all hope of Life and of Virtue. Come to Her all of you who desire Life, and you shall be filled with Her Life for She is sweet and gentle and shall give you Her inheritance of hope and joy. From the beginning She is everlasting unto all generations.

 "For those of you who receive Her words cannot be deceived. She will give you a hunger for Love and thirst for Life.  He who obeys Her shall not be confounded, and they who respond to Her words shall not sin. And all who explain and teach Her to others shall receive life everlasting. Blessed are all of you who keep Her ways by hearing the teachings of hope, mercy, and life, be wise, and refuse it not for blessed is the man who hears Her, and who watches and waits at Her feet, and follows in Her way for She does magnify the Lord."  

"Venerate Her Immaculate Heart and you shall venerate the Lord our God."

The Trumpeter:   As he was speaking, the fire that I spoke of became more distinct and actually began to blaze at several points. I cannot even begin to describe or convey how affectionate and protective all of the Angels are towards Our Holy Mother. Many times they seem to even take certain things very personal - as if they themselves were being directly affected. Mostly when it comes to the times when Our Lady is mocked or slandered by people. The Angels become quite enraged over this and they cry out very loudly and expressively to the Eternal Father to grant them permission to intervene on Her behalf, not so much, necessarily, to aggressively attack anyone who is being slanderous towards her, as much as it is that they want to surround her and prevent any of the slanderous words of disrespect from being able to reach her,  this is in part because of how important she was to them during the time of their testing and great trial to choose between obedience to God or their service to a master of death, Lucifer. This itself is a subject that I can speak about for hours, in part because it is so magnificent and glorious, but also, that it shows how much we ourselves are sharers in that same salvation of the Angels.

If only I had the words permitted to me to explain this subject I would. But so many times when I try, all I can remember are images, but no words. It reminds me of when St. Paul tried to explain what he had seen in his vision of the third heaven and how badly he wished he could put into words what God had shown him, but couldn't. It was only a few moments after our lady's agent has ceased speaking that I can see that our lady was coming. The lights that I had seen earlier, and still can see of the other angels have taken their form. I do not know how I did not recognize St. Michael as having been already been here. But, it is seems that sometimes he is so large that he seems to be the scenery rather than an image within it. This in part is because the whole area surrounding the sanctuary was no longer visible, but rather, was a part of the vision. Our blessed mother appeared very quickly. It was as if she merely stepped through a doorway. 

Our Holy Mother:  "My Priest son, Trumpeter of the Apocalypse, the Flames of My Heart grows and grows for the Love of My Divine Son to assist Him with the great sorrows that He carries.  He continues to call for His most beloved and chosen souls to open their hearts to His Love and service of the Eternal Father. This love He has for His consecrated and chosen ones is a consuming love that teaches them to love as He loves for the salvation of souls. Though there are more of these special little ones than ever before, there is still a greater need for more souls (for the sake of other souls) to seek His Love and Mercy to hold back the Divine Justice which has grown so heavy upon His shoulders."  

"I am calling to all consecrated souls to offer themselves with greater humility to My Son for the love and salvation of souls. Offer yourselves to Him, and all that you do and desire, with each breath and beat of your heart, as you offer His Most Precious Blood to the Eternal Father." 

"Come to me as your Loving Mother and Council, I will teach you to keep your eyes, body and soul, completely and only upon the heart of My Son, whom you have been created to know and love with your whole heart, mind and soul. I will teach you - to seek the three angelic natures, so that you will hunger for the reparation of sin and the salvation of souls. I will teach you - to humble and open your heart for the anguish that has caused the purest of loves to carry the greatest of anguish, sorrows and torments; for His Most Precious Blood to flow upon sinners, to wash away their corruption and to give them new life, the divine justice must be satisfied. Not by you. This you could never do. But, if you are willing to be humbled, I will show you how to love Charity and seek to understand the depth of Its Love, for the smallest of sacrifices offered with and through the Most Precious Blood can atone for a multitude of sins (when offered in true humility and love) and restore to life souls that would have otherwise fallen into eternal death. It is for these souls My Son has called and chosen to share so greatly in His Love. Meditate upon my love and I shall carry you to the threshold of His Heart where you shall be purified by its flames, and become the kindling to increase those flames to purify your heart to grow and make even more room, to hold more love, for the multitude of souls who have lost the grace and light to follow the path of salvation." 

"For all of those who have responded to the call to consecrate themselves, you are also entrusted with the care for the many others (talents) given to you by this same consecration, from The Father - through the Twin Hearts. You cannot return empty-handed nor with no more than was given you (grace and gifts)- because of the grace given to you through your consecration and the demand that justice has placed upon the gift of grace given to those who have been chosen, among the many called."

 "For all of this that I have said, this is not presented to only those of you who are among the few but, My Heart reaches out for those many who are still being called; so that they shall answer the call made by Love and become blessed among the chosen. It is through the chosen souls that I shall give my greatest love (to all of mankind) and teach you also the humility that magnifies the love of God for the salvation of souls. There is no greater soul - than those who seek to love for God those who do not yet love Him; believing with an un-movable faith in God, for souls who have become too weak to weather the storms of darkness, brought upon by their sins; with a love that gives hope for repentance; seeking only to rest within the most Sacred Heart.” 

"My children, you must pray for a lessening of a chastisement that is coming upon you very soon. It is but a few months away, at this time. I beg of you to offer many penances to delay the hand of justice. And, if possible, even lessen its intensity. As this is being allowed by God, it is not His Will that this chastisement should occur. It is being brought by a man, and by his sins. Pray my children, with great earnestness and humility in your hearts." 

The Trumpeter:  “Our Lord, who has been standing next to Our Lady for sometime now and is pointing to His Most Sacred Heart. The wound within His heart is greatly enflamed, not by fire, but by an aggravation. All of the wounds upon His head, in His hands and His feet are also visible. His hair is heavily matted by the blood coming from His wounds, and gives a bright crimson color to the Crown of Thorns. Each of His wounds also emits flames as it is represented so commonly with His most Sacred Heart. Our Lord has told me in the past that these flames represent the immensity that is love, with His willingness and desire to have these sufferings to appease the Divine Justice in an effort to give time for more souls to repent and return to His open arms and heart. It is unimaginable for us to understand, without the intervention of God's grace, how much Our Dear Lord loves each and every soul - and how willingly He is to endure whatever it takes to satisfy the Divine Justice to free a soul from the chains of love their sins.

This is why our Lord calls so many souls to answer and respond to the call of sharing with and through Him, special graces - graces that endow a particular soul with the special and unique spiritual authority giving the ability for sharing in the redemptive process of Christ. As we are all called to share in the life of Christ, there are those that Christ offers the ability for them to share more greatly, and even more completely and in a very special way, those parts of His life that He offered to the Eternal Father to appease for the sins of man by satisfying His demand for Divine Justice. This is the literal interpretation of Christ’s dwelling within us and we within Him so that our actions, and all that we do and desire, is actually Christ’s action to the fullest extent. An easy way to understand this is to look up the words of St. Paul when he stated that he carried the wounds of Christ within him. As he says he has fought the good fight. He carried these wounds because he shared so intimately and everything about Christ and His life, that Christ shared with him His wounds for the redemptive process of saving souls. I would encourage all of you who are interested in understanding these things more clearly, that you read the lives of various saints and how they pursued the Precious Blood so vigorously, because they were inspired by grace.  They would become as Our Lady referred to Herself, as one who magnifies the Lord. In this, the individual becomes less and less in the world, and instead Christ becomes greater and greater in their place for the salvation of souls. 

Our Lord:  "I want only for your love. The only reason why evil has become so rampant in the world, is because, so few love ‘Love’. Come with a humble heart and I will receive you. Ask and I will forgive you of your sins. Even if they should be so great as to block out the sun, come in humility and I shall wash your sins with my blood. All I ask for in return is for your love. If should you fall again, immediately come back to me with humility and I shall forgive you." 


There are still other things that Our Lord has said but I am to keep them to myself at this time…


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