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Message Received - November 20, 2001

Guadalahara, Mexico

Message to Susana:  Before beginning to pray, Holy Mary said to the heart of Susana that She wished to console us in Her Immaculate Heart and that we accompany Her in Her pain.

She told us to hold the crucifix on the Rosary. She said to my heart . . .

Blessed Virgin Mary: I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. I give you My peace and My love.

"I profoundly wish that every one of your hearts are one with mine. I profoundly wish that each one of your thoughts is in My Heart. I have called to each one of you today in a special way because there are many things inside of each of your hearts. It hurts me deeply to not be able to do anything for My children in these difficult moments; it hurts me deeply.

"Evil is multiplying in the world, among My elect, many of them have chosen wrong paths; because they don't know how to distinguish between sin and grace.

"In truth, things will happen and I will need you at My side. I will protect you and guide toward Jesus Christ. Remain with me and I will remain with you.

"Do you doubt that I am your Mother? It profoundly hurts Me that mankind spends their time doing many things and not in Me. I will be your counsel in the moments of desperation. It hurts Me not to be able to do something for the souls that are in a state of sin but their pride is stronger.

"Live in grace, in truth these things will happen. Do you know what to do when they happen? Do you know? I wish that you remain here with Me. For this reason, I called you a long time ago, and for this I am preparing you. I wish you to increase your prayer that you truly increase and grow spiritually. The spiritual life, at times, is supported through prayer; it has to be nourished in truth.

If you all approach God truthfully and faithfully, pursue the sacraments leaving your feelings aside. I need you to be prepared. I have manifested this with extreme urgency because these things will truly happen.

This is the warning that I give to your souls and your hearts, especially to all of you that have followed me.

Believe in yourselves. Take care of yourselves and maintain yourselves in truth. Remain aware of what will happen.

She blessed us in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. She again blessed us in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

I have asked each one of your hearts to remain in grace and with God in these moments that humanity lives without God. Take refuge in My Immaculate Heart. Be good people and live in grace, live in peace with those who surround you, and look inside their hearts and souls to see what needs they have. If there is an emptiness, there is still time to repent and return to God!

I pray to the Father at this moment for each one of your hearts and souls. I pray to the Father for each one of you and especially for your needs.

I, forever Virgin Mary, dwell in this place, in this place for your brothers and for your family. In these days evil enters into the soul of each heart and so each one of My children loses the awareness of who they are. Ask that ________ Now evil is justified.

I bless each soul In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I pray for those children and people who suffer unjustly. I bless and heal every one of their wounds. I bless them and heal them. As Intercessor and Mediatrix, I heal in the name of the Father every one of your hearts and afflictions. Confide in God, ONLY in God! Now, I bless each one of your families and each one of their hearts with My Immaculate love and the purity that the Father has given me.

I am the Forever Virgin Mary, the Humble Slave of the Father. My defenseless children, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen."


(Emma's transcript)

Blessed Virgin Mary:   Here I am. I am listening. I listen to your petitions. I bless and always go with them: I wish that you increase prayer. Tell those of Mexico to increase prayer, it is necessary that they increase it; that they take refuge in My Immaculate Heart.

I am here with you all. Daughter, there is profound sadness in My heart, that sadness is for all of you. There are many opportunities that are given to mankind to convert and return to God and you only turn your back on them, My intentions, My prayers, My wishes and My desires is that all of the souls be saved, and for them I always pray. I intercede for those souls that are in Hell. I pray for them, for their suffering. I still pray for them and the Father permits Me, for those that have been lost eternally and forever.

I pray for and am with those who are in Purgatory, and in being with them, I am their comfort.

I pray for those souls that are in the world. Mankind does not understand that this life is a journey and what they do and don't do in this life will determine whether they're granted Eternal Life. Man does not comprehend that the important thing is to conserve the soul in grace and live rightly. I, as a good Mother, worry about My children. When a person dies on earth and their soul is judged in the presence of God, it profoundly hurts to see how many have not repented, or how many intentionally do not care to correct their lives. And, for those souls, there is nothing I can do, and it hurts me.

The Father has permitted Me to call this to the world's attention, and the world and humanity have only turned their backs. This is My sadness children, and you, My chosen souls of the Father, with you I want to share this sadness. Pray for each one of your souls and its salvation. Pray for yourselves, and truly multiply your prayers and live in grace. There is much to be done. Much effort to live a truly grace-filled and righteous life.

(Susana asks her questions and asks forgiveness and help.) ...Father, for the souls and for their salvation.

(Susana asks about the New Covenant.)

Blessed Virgin Mary: Little daughter, I wish that you watch for your souls and live in grace first, in true grace. I showered many graces in these moments that I am here, not only for you, but for many. They will help you in the difficult times. Watch for your souls, for each other. I love you, and for this I ask that you live in grace. I will help you as I have always helped you, and I will protect you always, always, always. I bless you ... in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

"In this time of Advent, make particular acts of love toward the Blessed Trinity and of reparation. Repair the immolated heart of My Son Jesus, and make small acts of love to the Blessed Trinity acting with good intention and offering sacrifices.

"I will always be in you and with you. Amen.


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