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Message received: June 26, 2008


The Trumpeter:  When I stopped at the chapel on my way to the office this morning I could see the light of St. Michael in the sanctuary over the tabernacle. Even though there were several other angels within the sanctuary, it was St. Michael that held my attention.

I waited for a few moments, after sitting in the pew, to give him a chance to proceed. When a little time had passed and all was quiet, I proceeded with saying my Divine Mercy chaplet.  Before I could proceed very far, St. Michael began to speak softly.


I don't want anyone to think that he interrupted me and my prayers because he did not. What happened was I heard a sound that is similar to something rustling, like leaves rustling in the wind, but it was not.  Rather it was the sound of St. Michael's feathers being brushed together.   There is music that seems to emanate from them. It is as if his wings were a musical instrument and the sound produced by the ruffling of the feathers is very similar to a violin bow softly gliding across its strings.  The range of tones includes the various notes that would be made by various sizes of violins.  I noticed this characteristic of the Angels some years ago, although I don't think I ever recorded it.  Whatever activity the various angels may be involved in dictates the type of tempo or rhythm that accompanies the mood or sensitivity that expresses an accompanied emotion. I sometimes think of it as being the accompaniment of an orchestra playing mood music. It never gets very loud and it is never distracting, although it is very effective at stimulating a motion and desire, at least in me when I hear it. The tones very greatly between the different choirs of angels as well as in their individual natures,  what I mean by this is the sounds that I would hear what around the Throne Angels is quite different from those of the Seraphim Angels. The Guardian Angels have the widest variety of notes, tones and pitches than any of the Angels.

St. Michael’s clothes were all silver trimmed in various shades of gold. He was wearing a very beautiful robe with several layers. Just beneath the outer garment I can see what seemed to be a very detailed and embroidered linen shirt. The brightness of the shirt was equal to that of his outer robe. Just beneath this shirt there appeared to be what I would think of as a very delicate undershirt. The color of this article was a very light pink. It complemented the white and the silver gray very dramatically. His sword was at his waist on a sturdy belt that he wore in a crisscross fashion. Its color was a very rich gray with little silver stars all over it. The scabbard of his sword was very highly polished silver, the handle being at his waist and the very end of the scabbard virtually reaching to his feet. This was one of the very few times that St. Michael's footwear seemed to be non-existent although I could tell that he was wearing a type of slip over shoe. Its color was a dark gray.

As always Saint Michael was wearing a crown. This one was made up of several narrow bands joined together to make one single band. These metal bands were all of the precious metals in the colors of gold, silver, and platinum. The reason why I say platinum is because my Guardian Angel has told me that it is a common metal in St. Michael's crowns.

I will not comment at this time concerning the appearance or the identity of the other angels that accompanied St. Michael.


St. Michael:  Priest-son of the Twin Hearts, I bring you the blessings of Jesus and Mary. It is my duty to direct your attention to a coming chastisement.

The various punishments allowed by God to come upon the United States, continues to grow in proportion to the sins committed by this nation because of the immorality of its laws and the continued deceptive practices of your political leaders as much as the rest of the world.  These sins are forcing the Hand of Divine Justice. Were there sufficient prayers being offered by the people of this nation, and if there were sufficient acts of atonement, these chastisements could be lessened. Because this is not so, and sin continues to grow with no concern to its indictment, the Eternal Father can only answer the calls for Justice.

Few of the sincere and pious hearts offer reparation for offenses so easily committed against charity and morality. You proceed without a conscience. You give no heed to the warnings given throughout the world by the many voices of Heaven.

It is obvious you do not listen to your own conscience, as a nation. The strong continue to impose their wicked will upon the weak. Your souls have not been awakened by the chastisements that have continued to bring tears to the eyes of many. With cold hearts you continue to pursue your own lusts while you deny your duty of charity to those in need. It is only among those who have the least who continue to give the most that they can. And those who hold the strings of wealth continue to oppress the weak by their greed.  As thieves you continue to rob and steal from the coffers of trust; you continue to devise ways to compound the usury you charge in providing the basic resources in your charge as they are meant to be made available for the needs of all. For lack of charity and a lack of common decency, you leave many to starve for the benefit of your increasing wealth.

The hypocrisy of the leaders of this nation and the world has grown to such an extreme that it reeks as a carcass decaying in the sun. So wretched is this stench not even the vultures will venture close to make a claim to its remains. Still you have no shame. Nor, do you have any fear…yet.

For the time has come to cause you your greatest pain. And because of your sins, so many will suffer with you. This is the nature of evil. It brings its suffering upon the sinner who casts off his blame to rest upon the weakest. It is your famine that is coming.


The Trumpeter:  At this point St. Michael paused. Sternness covered his face as he seemed to be reflecting upon the words that he has spoken, although I know from experience he is listening patiently to the Author of these words and is giving his own response to these words - interiorly - to God.


St. Michael:  The many fires ignited by lightning have not moved your hearts, nor does the continued increase of severe tornadoes out of their normal season catch your attention. Your eyes are open only to your greed. You can see nothing else.


The Trumpeter:  I know the Saint Michael is not speaking to the general public but is speaking to the many individuals who hold so much power control in our country, as well as the rest of the world. He is speaking to the general public in an effort to cause a reaction in them. He wants people to recognize how a few people can call such terrible punishment to be brought upon the whole nation, even the whole world by their corruption, their unwillingness to defend or promote justice, and the failure to practice moral fortitude only causes the general public to accept these things as being normal way of life. This type of environment calls souls to slowly lose sight of righteousness. They lose moral appreciation and the strength to practice it. It is a combination of these factors that brings about the punishment upon all, from the strongest to the weakest.

St. Michael:  You are not aware of how close so many countries are to complete financial collapse.  Because of the evil deeds of so many in power, the financial system of many nations is crumbling, and this is the plan of the wicked. It is their design to cause hardship upon many. In this deed they have the design to reap even greater ill-gotten gains, squeezing from the purses of the weaker, every coin they can grab, and they find themselves losing complete control. The chances of a financial collapse are imminent. It IS coming. It cannot be prevented. It is only by prayer and great pleading from the depths of your hearts that can this be delayed.  In the course of things as they are at this time, there is over a 75% certainty of a partial collapse of economics at the end of this year, most likely in the month of October, 2008.

This is another warning that few will heed. Just as you have failed to listen to the voices of Heaven until now, by man's example, little is being expected by Heaven. Still we pray for you. Still we seek for pious souls with good hearts who are willing to mediate and intercede - for all of you. Heaven earnestly looks for a single soul that will love, where love is undeserved. It is there we make our abode guarding the hearts of the true children of God for mankind owes his thanks to these who have responded to the infinite love of the Twin Hearts, and much is owed to these souls who have held back the chastisements that are overdue.


The Trumpeter:  As usual when completing his message, St. Michael asked for my blessing, and I can assure you, it is most humbling to me to give a blessing to such a great creature of perfect purity, perfect in obedience, and perfect in love, expressing perfect humility by asking for the blessing of a priest.

In conclusion, all I can say is, I do hope people take these things to heart and pray to God to enlighten them and inspire them in the manner in which they should respond.

My blessing and prayers for all who read these words,

The Trumpeter

Fr Andrew Wingate


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