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Message of August 2, 2004

The Trumpeter:  The Blessed Mother is dressed in all white trimmed in gold.  The various designs in gold compliment the beautiful delicate designs that make up Her gown.  The overall pattern of Her gown and veil almost mirrors how She appears as Mary Mother of God, except for the precious stones that are worn when She is representing Herself as Mother of God.

St. Michael is not the only angel visible at this time.  Our Holy Mother’s three angels accompany Her.  The first of the three is named Dominus.  These three great angels keep company with the Blessed Virgin at all times.  They will speak in Her name and even present Her image at times.  They are what we think of as Body Guards because the Mother of God cannot be injured.

Blessed Virgin:  My priest-son and prophet of these End Times, I bless you.  And may the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ be poured out upon you (and others She named), and remain with you in union with St. Michael and St. Therese and the whole Mystical Body of Christ.  I bless you in the name of the Father, and in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The Trumpeter:   And I bless you, my mother, Mother of All Priests, in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  (Our Blessed Mother asked for my blessing for Herself and for a special individual I do not know.  She and all of the angels knelt for my blessing and replied ‘Amen’ together.

Blessed Virgin:  Now is the time of sifting the weeds from the wheat as deigned by the Eternal Father to awaken the lukewarm.  These events are being used to expose the motives of the perpetrators to the world and the identity of their true master.  Remind everyone that this suffering that is soon to be inflicted (around the world by terrorism) is not by the Hand of Almighty God.  This is because of the many sins being committed.  Evil has a greater ability to be used and afflict suffering upon many because of sin. 

When society neglects its responsibility to reject and refuse sin, society is giving evil permission to grow.  As evil expands it exercises and feeds itself in two ways.  One is to expose itself to others and teach them to sin so evil can expand throughout society.  The other way is to inflict suffering upon the most innocent members of society.  By doing this, evil intends to accomplish several things.  The first intention is to re-enforce the belief that we the individuals of society are not responsible and have no accountability for the spreading of evil and the sorrow it inflicts upon the innocent.  For example, with society’s refusal to denounce pornography as the true evil it is.  Millions of people have become corrupted and addicted, destroying the moral balance of the individual and preventing the person from raising themselves emotionally and mentally above base animal instinct.  They are unable to have an increased value and respect for others because they are consumed with animal value, this excludes all spirituality.  In return the person only recognizes the opposite gender as being valued for their own satisfactions.

The sin of immorality incites infectious disease that would not exist had the sin been rejected and not allowed to spread.  Then these infections come upon the innocent who contracted these sins to bring the diseases as well.  The public that did not object to the practice of these sins but now all deny responsibility and accountability for not fighting the influences of the sin.  Satan wants the freedom to corrupt by attacking anyone who opposes him by claiming they are gains freewill of the individual.  This is the age of confusion.  Evil is being called the freedom to choose.  While all that is good and from God is condemned and called laws of oppression. 

My time has now come.  God has prepared the way for My Immaculate Heart to intervene for all souls that will seek My guidance, care and protection.  There is nothing the Eternal Father will deny Me for a soul in My care in the Name of My Divine Son.

My child and My children, I can no longer hold back the Divine Justice.  The Holy Angels are losing their powers because of the increase of sin.  With the approximate number of devils of Hell being 42 billion, their greatest concern is preventing the knowledge of My Divine Son from reaching the ears and hearts of a single person.  To them the easiest is to prevent the chance of any human being ever knowing anything about the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ by getting the mother to abort the child she has conceived without concern for the value of a human being!! You can be assured the devils know the value of the human body and soul.  They know and fight viciously to prevent you from ever having a single chance to love, know, serve and adore Almighty God.

The chastisements that are at hand are among the last few that I can lessen the severity of, until this Ash Wednesday.  At that time the world will be its own victim.  By this I am saying that mankind will be measured by the sins of the world and the continued chastisements will reflect the degree that mankind follows their master.  The more the world continues to follow after Mamma, the more the world will receive all that immorality has to offer.

Do not confuse the suffering of the innocent with the true degree of chastisement that the world is calling upon its self.  The angels of the innocent cry to Heaven for justice, and to God to increase the weight of His Hand of Justice to awaken those who still seek to sleep through this time of Judgment .They are calling for Holy Fear to enter the hearts of the evil in the world.  Every guardian angel cries for the Divine Justice to enlighten every soul with a true and Holy Fear.  Some cry for the light to be ignited in the hearts of all mankind now:  Crying out of hope, not disregard, for the Divine Will. 

The Holy Angels know about how the light will fill each soul completely with the singular and extraordinary grace that have been rejected by millions of souls over all these centuries following Christ’s martyrdom upon the altar of the Cross.  Every single grace given by God, through Christ and the Holy Ghost, that has been rejected neglected and abused have been retrieved and kept for this time by the only one capable doing such a thing, the Holy Mother of Almighty God, the Immaculate Heart! 

The angels know that when the time comes and the Immaculate Heart releases these graces upon mankind--- the angels know.  They are waiting for the fire to not only touch and enter the hearts of men, women, and children, but they await these graces entering our society as a whole... They already know the effects this fire will have.

My Divine Son is Light.  This Light is love.  This Love is a true fire and every time my priest sons renew the Divine Victim, that much more of the Divine Victim hood is given to the world by the Divine Mercy coming from the Most Sacred Heart suffering, providing an abode of refuge for the penitent soul to rest, and for the sorrowful soul, the opportunity to be cleansed by the Fire of Love.

Souls should remember that the sooner they seek out and enter the purifying flames of the Most Sacred Heart the gentler and more compassionate and temperate are the purifying flames of Christ’s Divine Love. 

When the Warning comes to the world, all of these graces I have been given I will pour out from My Immaculate Heart upon the entire world at one time as the full blessing of God which has not been known since the Redemption of mankind.

During the time of the Great Warning Almighty God will give the living light of My Divine Son in its pure form of burning love.  This shall be realized by everyone of mature intellect.  For some, this fire of love will be the fullness of the consolation and blessing they have always sought from God, because they know and obey the laws of Almighty God.  They will be strengthened, enlightened and affirmed by the presence and great abundance of these graces.  They shall see this soul as thirsty and hungry, eager to be filled by “THE” Eternal Flame of God’s Love strengthened with His love.  All hope and prayers confirmed in these good souls shall find their perfect rest as they have been rewarded for their labor, trust, and confidence, for having believed and obeyed!  They shall not only see the fruits of their life - in this fire- they shall know its reward in and by this burning light of Eternal Loves’ reward. Oh but for others this will not be the same.

The Trumpeter:  Until now, Our Lady held an expression of joy and delight as She described the experience of the souls in the state of grace… Now as She perceives those who will be under the burden of sin.  Some with grievous or even deadly sins upon their souls tears fill her eyes, becoming deathly pail , with a controlled quiver as She thinks of the impending horrors to be experienced by the se most unfortunate individuals … She continues, with an almost heroic discipline, as she says…


Blessed Virgin:  Although, the duration of this warning for each person will be only a short time, the experience will seem to many to be years.  Were it not for the Divine Mercy bringing this great blessing from God, the wicked would not be able to survive its effect caused upon the physical nature.  If I were not able to hold back the Divine Justice it would demand restitution for all of the unrepented sins.

The Trumpeter:  Our Lady pauses as if She were stressed with the thought of how many perish at that time.  After a moment of reflection, She continues.

Blessed Virgin:  The saints of the past who were allowed to experience the coming warning have pleaded to God asking to grant conversion for sinners as they see the horrible condition of their souls.  I have asked time and time again for prayers to be offered for these poor souls who have no one to intercede for them…

Prior to the actual warning a strange and unusual silence will come upon the world.  After several days almost a week of intermittent rumbling like thunder I the heavens and in the earth, this silence will cover the earth east to west and pole to pole not even the wind will produce any sound.  Insects and animals will become unnaturally silent.  All of this is a part of the warning calling to mankind to prepare.  Examine your conscience.  Repent with true contrition. 

You do not want to have the act of God to come upon you with any sin upon your soul nor do you want to be lacking in grace.  Work very hard to atone for every sin in your life, so that you will not be found wanting when this Divine Fire comes upon you.

St. Michael:  All who have unrepented sins shall find themselves struck with complete and consuming fear.  Each person will believe they have died from the fear they are realizing.  Some time will pass in this experience before the person understands they have not died after all.  Once they understand this all they will do from this pint forward is to seek a way to be freed from the grip this fear has on them.  It will not be until they finally realize they are in the Flame of Divine Love itself , they are controlling this experience by their won free will that they will escape  this part of the Great Warning!  The next part of the Warning involves the individual’s guardian angels and their own devils.  The person’s guardian angel will be constantly reminding them of God’s Mercy and that they can and need to repent of their sins.  All the while, the devils will be telling them that it is hopeless…  The greater the sins, the greater the attacks will be by the devils and the demons!  Over 100 million people will give into the persuasion of the devils and demons by committing suicide.  Every mature person in the world will see their soul to the full extent and detail as the soul is known and visible to God.  Everyone will know of all the graces and talents given to them and or made available to them by God.  You will have complete knowledge with the understanding of everything you have rejected from God … even to the smallest details.

This is not an oversight of the good in your life, nor is this only an attempt to overshadow your fidelity to God or to dramatize evil as being more significant than good.  When you see your soul, you will see the care you have given it.  At your baptism your souls were marked by Divine saving Grace and declared predestined for the Eternal kingdom, but sin wounds the soul and disfigures it with the presence of evil.  The saving graces of the Sacrament of Confession are given by Christ to remove that evil and heal the injury caused by sin. When you see your soul, you will see the scaring that your sins have caused in your soul.  The record of your wounds is kept on your soul until you have given restitution.  But because few people perform the restitution needed to remove the ugliness caused by evil…you will see your soul in need of repair which is paramount above all other records. And because only restitution with the singular graces given by the Holy Ghost can restore the beauty of the soul, you will respond to this paramount need by seeking the only avenue you have at your death… and that is through forced reparation.  Seeing that you have refused the avenues offered to you by Christ through His church as well as neglecting all other manners of penance, the only path remaining open to you will be through forced reparation … also known as Purgatory.

Knowing that you have received mercy and you have not damned yourself by your rejecting the Divine Will of God by the commission of deadly sins, you are grateful to God for allowing you to now … at this hour of your death… as you believe it to be… to make reparation for the sins that are preventing your entrance into His Eternal Kingdom.

Enough examples have been recorded by the mystics and saints in history for anyone to know at least an idea of wheat to expect --- in Purgatory!!!  My little sisters, this merciful warning will be one of the greatest singular graces you will ever receive from God.  Still, some will see such horrors that cannot be described --- all of heaven seeks for your conversion to assure your relief from this impending suffering that most will endure …

As Prince of Angels, I see the great multitude of souls hurling themselves into Eternal Damnation.  Like snowflakes in a blizzard --- they are falling every second.  One in 10,000 souls enters directly into heaven upon their death.  Of all others, about 30% shall enter purgatorial fires for the forced reparation of their sins.  Most of these shall languish for a period twice, and even three times the number of years they lived on earth … The others stay for less time, mostly due to the offerings made for them by others… they visit the imprisoned by their prayers…

Some upon hearing this, will dispute its validity, but for this reason among others, God’s Mercy is sending this warning to the world.  And Mary, Mother of God, and my Queen, provides this warning to alert you, Mankind!  Repent!  Prepare your hearts and souls.  You are being warned and you will be tested by this warning!

My little sisters, you can remove a great amount of your impending sufferings by your continuous petitioning God through Mary for His increased Mercy and compassion for the conversion of sinners.  God desires nothing more than the conversion of sinners.  Desire this also, starting with yourself, family, relatives and for your enemies.


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