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Received in church during the Rosary

January 2, 1992

The Trumpeter:  From the very beginning there has been a circle of light right next to the Tabernacle.  The three angels that always appear with Our Lady are here.  Our Lady appears as a young woman of these times who is very modestly dressed with a young child, and appears to be very poor, and either, homeless, or lost.  It is late in the afternoon just before dark.  She is going through the streets trying to find a place that will accept Her. She is going door to door to different homes, businesses, hotels, etc., and each time She is turned away.  She shows the child, who is Our Lord.  Some give Him a glance, shrug their shoulders and send Her away.  I don’t see anyone who will take Her in.  There are individuals in some homes in which one spouse wants to receive Her, while the other refuses for one reason or another.  They say it is too crowded, or it is too late, or they don’t know who the stranger is.  She is constantly being rejected.  And this goes on and on.

This slowly fades away and Our Lady appears on Her throne as “Queen on the Seat of Wisdom” holding the child Jesus at Her side.  She has on Her beautiful robe as Queen, and the child Jesus is in His beautiful robe as the Child King.  Our Lady has a scepter in Her right hand, and She raises it.  At the top, two angels hold the crucifix, and at the bottom, there are three angels holding a star.  Our Lady raises Her scepter while the child Jesus raises His right hand, and they give their blessing to everyone here this evening…. In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.   Our Lady begins to speak…

Our Lady:  My child, I have shown you an example of how I have been greeted this past Christmas season throughout the world as a whole, but not in its entirety.  In most hearts I am not welcome with MY child.  I am not welcome as the Mother bringing the Savior.  Instead, many receive me only in toleration, as being someone who must accompany the infant, who is the one to be received.  Yet, they fail to remember that I am the bearer of salvation, the Bearer of Redemption to man, and the Divine Chalice created by God.  I am the perfect vessel for the redemption of mankind.  I have been placed upon the seat of wisdom by the hand of God, the Omnipotent Creator, One Triune God… Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  I have brought as the Handmaid of the Lord, the child Jesus, the King of all creation, into the world for the salvation of souls.  So I am the bearer of salvation to mankind in his redemption.  Yet, this is refused in the hearts of many.  Even by many of the Catholics today, I am not received as such.

As the great Archangel Gabriel bowed and knelt before Me, it was revealed to him instantaneously at that moment by God the Holy Ghost, that within Me dwelt the Triune God, and he proclaimed, “Hail to Thee Mary, Thou Art Full of Grace.”  This, My children, was a declaration of God regarding My purity, and My sanctity, and My rightful place to represent, as bearer of salvation for mankind, My true identity, being united with the Trinity that I do dwell within, as the Trinity does dwell in Me.  Yet instead, throughout the world, this has been changed.  It has been lessened to only a greeting of saying, “Greeting Fair Daughter, you have found favor with God.”  Such blasphemy against My Immaculate Heart!  Favor with God had been found long before this time.  All the angels of Heaven rejoiced at the moment that I had placed Myself entirely before God.  If all will notice, I did not say to God, “Yes, I agree to conceive a child.”  But rather, I stated that I know no man.  Because of My vow of chastity and purity that I had made to God, and was retaining, I knew that God must recognize that I could not conceive a child by man.  This is where there is a declaration recognized by God of My perpetual virginity, and that My conception of the child Jesus is of God the Holy Ghost.  My children, how it grieves My heart that I am not received as your Mother.  I am not received even as an equal, or as a sister.  Do you not, My daughters, in the love of your heart for your children, yearn and ache for their love, that they recognize you with dignity as their mother?  And how My heart does crave for the love of your recognition and of your love for My heart; A love given to Me by the Trinity for all souls.  My children, do you not know and recall the declarations of God, the Creator, that I am the one true Eve, and the Mother of all Souls.  My children, from the beginning I have known you, and I shall be waiting for each of you at the Final Judgment. 

My children, I call out to you, to recognize the great gift of salvation that has been brought to you by God, our Creator.  It is you, oh man, who has brought yourself into sin.  Yet, it has been thorough the intercession of God, the Almighty, who brings you away from sin.  Still, in your pride you cling to your wickedness.  My children, My heart grieves for you.  Return to the One True God to love and to serve and adore Him with your whole heart, mind, soul and will.  Receive Him in the Holy Eucharist with a pure heart and soul during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  My children wear your sacramentals.  Always use the sacramentals to defend yourselves against the daily temptations and attacks of evil.  Say My rosary often, and I shall accompany you in your petitions and prayers before Almighty God.  My children, I am always at your side, as you pursue sanctity with true love and humility in your hearts.  I shall always intercede for you.  I bless you all, My children.  I bless you as Mary, Queen on the Seat of Wisdom, the first and true Eve, and Mother of all souls.  I bless all My children, in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Ghost.  Amen.

This is but the second day of the year, My child, and so many chastisements shall come upon man this year.  Even in the United States, in places where earthquakes have never been known before, they are being felt today; and these will continue, My child.  The United States will very soon be involved in a war in Europe, committing its young men and women to defend those of another nation for political and financial reasons.  It is not for liberty, or dignity, or for human rights, or for life and pursuits of dignity.  It is for financial and political gains, My children.  Soon the United States shall be involved in this war.  Do not be deceived in this.  For shortly, the United States will be drawn into another conflict that I have spoken about to you, My children, over two years ago, and that I have reiterated, in the year 1991, of the three wars that were to come.  I tell you, My children, they are coming now.  I spoke to you so many times about the hardships to be brought upon the world. 

The people of the Far East shall suffer so very much; and in Japan, the people will be hurt in the way it hurts them most, financially.  For soon, the financial stability of their currency will drop terribly, and this will cause a great instability in their stock market and their currency exchange.  My children, these are all the things manipulated by the evil one, who controls the treasures of the earth.  Let these things go, My children.  Abandon them.  The only treasures worth having are the treasures of God, My children - the treasure of sanctifying grace, the treasure of virtue, to have love and humility and charity in your heart.  These are the treasures you should pursue, My children. And this instability will spread into other nations.  It is a false stability and a false instability that will cause shock waves throughout many nations of Europe and other countries throughout the world.  But I shall surprise many by something I shall do very soon in South America.  It will astound many, but will gain the support of the Bishops in South America.  It will astound many, but will gain the support of the Bishops in South America, through My young daughter, who will proclaim My words, and I shall be recognized.  I say this at this time, My child, through you, My Trumpeter, and My Herald, so that when this does occur, it shall be known that I appear and proclaim Myself in many nations.  That I have proclaimed Myself through you, My child, whom many are saying has fallen.  This is the proof, My child, which they will be able to recognize, as I have said.  For soon My words will be heard in the air and My words will b heard, not only through you, My child, but also through other voice boxes, mystics, seers and visionaries.  In the air they shall hear My voice and hear My words and My warnings to you, My children, to repent, to pray, to do sacrifice, and to atone for your sins and the sins of others.  Appease the angry heart of God towards men’s sins. 

I beg you, My children, to listen to My predictions that I gave you regarding My apparition in Medjugorie, as the war continues there.  This war will continue until I have been obeyed in that nation.  Pray for My children.  Pray for My priest sons for I am not being obeyed and until I am obeyed, this will continue to ravage the countryside.  It will continue to bring great suffering upon the peoples.  Pray for peace, My children, but also pray for obedience to the Word of God.  Pray for that obedience, My children, because that Word that I bring from God must be obeyed, for I am His true bearer of His Word.  My children, when you pray, pray with great love in your hearts, and pray with atonement in your hearts reaching out for sanctity to love and serve your God with your whole hearts. 

My children, throughout the world this year there will be much strife.  Again the loss of life in the Philippines, this year in the Manillas will be great.  Another great disaster shall soon befall Australia. And in Indochina, My children, another great suffering shall come.  I beg of you, My children, to repent.  For these sufferings are being brought into the world because of sin.  They are brought into the world because of the great power that evil has given to it by the sin of man.  And in the northern parts of South America many lives shall be lost.  And again I tell you My children; never shall there have been such a great loss of life, as it shall be very soon, in the United States.  I said that a mad man filled with sin would kill many.  And it did, My children.  And it shall happen again, My children.  Evil shall reach out and lash out through many.  This is why I say to you to stay in the state of grace and wear your sacramentals, for you do not know the great power that evil has to lash out at you.  My children, pray.  Pray with all of your hearts.  Remain in a state of grace, My children.  I bless you all from the heart of your Mother as the Queen of all Hearts.  My children, I bless you in the name of Our Father and the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.

My child, I have brought with Me this evening, dressed in her cloak of royalty as a bride of Christ, My sweet child Therese of the Holy Child Jesus.  She is here this day to commemorate with Me, in recognition of the dedication of the Community of “Mary Seat of Wisdom”.  I am pleased with your love and devotion, My children.  I shall protect and guide you.  Through My angels and saints, you shall be interceded for with the Poor Souls of Purgatory.  I tell you, My children, this is mine, and it shall never be taken away from Me.  I bless you, My children along with My Holy Daughter.  I bless in the name of the Father and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Now go in peace, My child, and continue with the prayers. And the great St. Michael shall give warning to the world, for men’s sins have become great.  He shall open the scroll of self-condemnation, giving the declaration of the condemnation of man by God.  God, the Father, has turned His back on man and his sins leaving him with his own punishments.  But be at peace, My children, as you pursue to serve your Lord in your love.  I bless you, My children, from the Divine Heart of Jesus, My Son.  I bless you all from Our United Hearts.  I bless you all as I give each of you My special blessing… I bless you, My children, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.


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