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Message Received:  March 2, 2001

In the Chapel at St. Peter’s Community

The Trumpeter:  While I was preparing for Mass today, I could already see many of the Angels gathering around the altar. One of our Blessed Mother’s Guardian Angels, Saint Phillamen, was the first Angel that I saw. The next Angel that I saw was Saint Germaine. All three of our Blessed Mother’s Angels were standing behind the Tabernacle. Saint Michael was to their right side, my left. The Archangel, Saint Eurial, was also standing behind the Tabernacle to my right side, Saint Michael’s left.

Saint Therese was standing exactly were her statute is, which is to the left side of the altar, just as Saint Peter was standing on the right side of the altar next to his statue. Our Lord’s Guardian Angel (whose name is Saint Santafeumas, meaning “Burning Light of Sanctity”) was directly behind the Tabernacle. All of these Saints and Angels mentioned were in a natural life size.

It was not until I entered the sanctuary that I was able to see that there already was a very large number of Angels throughout the whole chapel. I could see our patron Angel, whose name is Saint Theodore, in the air behind the altar. Actually, Saint Theodore was outside the chapel but I could see him as if the wall was invisible.

Both kinds of the Cherub Angels were also inside the sanctuary, and it was at this time again that I saw the Throne Angel who is always in the sanctuary adoring God for all of the Oblates. Although I have seen him at least 20 times in the past three years, I still do not know his name. He is an exceptionally beautiful Throne Angel and he was sitting upon a golden throne. From the appearance of this throne on which he was seated, it seemed impossible for it to support the weight of a person the size of this Angel. The delicacy of its design gives no appearance of having a superstructure to support even its own weight. It has a very intricate pattern that is composed of many various symbols of Angels and pious designs. All of this is formed or shaped in a design that is as delicate as fine threads. It’s almost as if it was woven from fine threads of gold. I was able to see through its designs because of the space that existed between each design or symbol, in the same way that is common to many woven materials.

As I pronounced the intention of today’s Mass, the Guardian Angels of all of the Oblate members became visible in the chapel and had the appearance that indicated that they also came to attend Mass in place of any prospective Oblate member who was not in attendance.

With the opening prayers of the Mass, a beautiful multicolored light came from the Heavens and engulfed an area approximately 10 feet in diameter around the Tabernacle. Within a moment, as I pronounced the words seeking the intercession of the Saints whose relics were there, our Blessed Mother and Her Divine Son appeared.

Our Lord was wearing a brilliant robe of white that gave the appearance of the color being fluid rather than solid. The whiteness of His robe was beyond description but it was very easy to see the beautiful detailing of the material. And as God will never do anything or show anything for no reason, each of the tiny patterns interwoven within the materials, gave a “message” all within the patterns themselves. (Maybe someday Heaven will have me describe the meaning and symbols within the patterns making up the cloth Our Lord and Our Lady wore). All of the trim on Our Lord’s robe was interwoven with a rich red and brilliant gold. From Our Lord’s Hands and Feet, I could see His Wounds very easily. By the light that was emanating from Our Lord’s Side, I was given to know that this was the Wound that pierced His Heart. Even the Wounds caused by the Crown of Thorns were visible. Our Lord’s Countenance was one of great peace as He projected an appearance of great authority. Each of Our Lord’s Wounds illuminated with the appearance of beautiful illuminated rubies.

Our Blessed Mother stood almost directly in front of Our Lord, Her Divine Son. Our Lady’s gown was of the similar white, like that of Her Son’s. At Our Lady’s waist was a beautiful golden sash that draped from Her left side to the point where it almost touched the floor. On Our Lady’s mantle was the same matching trim as on Our Lord’s robes. Identical light projected from the Two Hearts so perfectly united. This light was very similar in appearance to an illuminated waterfall. I use this description because I cannot think of another way to describe how the light projecting from Their Hearts appeared to be a solid.

Saint Therese appears in the habit of the Oblates. It’s so very beautiful with the white material and the multicolored emblem over her chest. The crucifix is of striking beauty because of its realism and fine detail.

As I began the reading of the Epistle, Saint Therese came to the foot of the altar in front of the Tabernacle, knelt down, and said:

Saint Therese: “My priest brother, bless me through the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Bless me by the Divine Priesthood, by (the intercession of) all the Saints, Holy Souls, and the Holy Angels of God.”

The Trumpeter:   As I gave this blessing to Saint Therese + + +, she bowed deeply in front of Our Dear Lord and Most Holy Mother. As I blessed her, light came from Our Lord and Lady, and all of the Angels and Saints. The blessing (light) had an appearance of beautiful sparkling stones that flowed through the air within a beautiful white fluid.

Saint Therese: “My priest brother and founder, entrusted with this Sacred Society that flows from my heart, it is with the Love of my Spouse with the Love of Our Most Holy Mother, I am compelled (by the force of my love for the Twin Hearts as well as for all of the Oblates) to address you and all of my sweet daughters [the term “daughters” or “sisters” is a referral to our souls and not to the gender of the Oblate members].

“In this holy season of repentance, we are blessed by our Dear Savior to instruct with all of the Angels of our Mother Mary, as Queen of all Angels... (this is all of the Angels of Heaven) to share in and with (to receive as a gift from God), “this” (as this refers to the promise concerning each of the chapels of the OSTR), the Immaculate Heart... as “this gift” is to be truly joined with the heart of each Oblate and joined within all of our Holy Angels. This joining comes by the entrance of each heart as it enters in humility into the living heart* of our most Holy Mother. (* is a gift - not being described here - given to the Oblates)

“I cannot expound upon this gift in great detail at this time, as this is to be pondered in the hearts of each of my little sisters (and it is not yet revealed fully publicly).

“I address this to you as an encouragement; to cause you to seek a greater insight, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and for you to understand better the depth of which Our Lord and God, Savior and Spouse, is willing to extend His love for the greater edification of your souls; to strengthen them and console them within the living Divine Love. Do not hesitate or delay to seek this consolation, as it is a gift given so freely by God to prepare all of you for the future. A future that is approaching so rapidly to become almost as the present.

“Seldom do you hear from my mouth words of warning as it concerns the affairs of the world. Now is not the time for me to begin a new course, although it is parallel to the Little Way. Rather, I caution you to remember one of the great gifts that have been given to you, my sisters. This gift is to have a greater understanding as you should seek to know the great humility and charitable love that our Lord God has for His more loving children.

“I instruct all of my Oblates to recognize the great abundance of grace that is mediated by true humiliation of self as a self-mortification; I encourage you with as much zeal as I can for all of you to seek with true sincerity, to understand, and practice the instructions and teachings of Our Lord.

“We are to see Him presently, living and sharing His Love for us and our neighbor. We few... should be so happy in seeing how abundantly blessed we are by God. How abundantly loved and blessed we are by our Most Holy Mother. We as the few... should not be content by the smallness of our numbers; rather we should be most anxious to exercise the very blessings that we have received, as an outward sign of our love for God and our desire to share as mediators. Also, as living evAngelists, for the salvation of souls.

“At one point in time during my life in the cloister, with my fellow sisters, the thought came upon me that, what if I were not able to enter into Heaven unless I had purposely intercede for the salvation of a specific number of souls? What was I to do if there could be no way that I would ever know what the number, our quota, was set for me by God!

“What was I to do? So I ask you, my sisters, how would you consider yourselves if placed in this same circumstance? (This is setting aside for a moment the knowledge that we have that by our saving one soul, our salvation will be assured.)

“My first inclination was that of overwhelming fear! Then, taking careful consideration of my reaction, I was able to see that, if nothing else, this fear, in the most part, was not from God. This fear was from the evil ones seeking to cause me to despair and to lose all hope and trust in God. By prayer, I could see a part of that fear was built upon a singular grace that gave me the ability to recall that I was truly nothing on my own. From this point, I began to examine my options to resolve this question. I began to consider by what means would our Loving Savior make it possible for me to complete such a task. That is to say, that if this scenario was a true insight into the defined plan of God for my life in this world, it must show itself to be a part of my path to Heaven. Though I may not see it clearly at first.

“What was I to do? How was I to begin? Where should I find guidance and most of all, the crucial assistance that it would take to accomplish God’s will? For remember, I had already realized that on my own, I was nothing. I was much too little to achieve such a great task. Surely there must be a way for this to be achieved if it were truly inspired by God. Oh! That was the key... by God!

“By no merit of my own, would I be able to proceed to accomplish such an immense task. But, I did know that the Love of “my Father,” was truly so great, that I only needed to accomplish one thing! Remain so little and so helpless, that the Love of “my God” as “my Eternal Father” and “Spouse” would come to my aid! Not so much come to my aid, but lift me up in His protecting arms, so that, as His “little one,” all that I could do was to accompany “my Father” in seeking those souls that my Lord and God would redeem.

“Is not my Savior their Savior as well? Would He not redeem others in the name of His Holy love? By this I am saying, by sharing the love of my Father and Spouse, in loving another soul, how could the Source of all Love deny ‘Itself’ the salvation of any soul, for Its Name Sake? Love could not!

“So, here is the only solution. As a little child, resting in the arms of my loving Father, I would express my love for other souls, that they should also know the same love that I know. And for the sake of Love Itself, Love could not denying them... Mercy!

“The difficulty is, for us in our own selves, to remain so little that we cannot exhibit any impression, that would imply, that we considered ourselves to be competent up because of ourselves; this then implies that we think of ourselves as another source of love. Rather, we are to exhibit, interiorly and externally, to the degree that we become endlessly happy and eager to share God’s Infinite love. It is only then, that we’ve become truly pleasing to God. Love cannot be restrained and limited to Itself. Love, which we know is God, by Divine Nature, seeks to Love as well as to be loved at the same time. In this way, we will truly feed upon the virginal milk of our Blessed Mother, which in turn will strengthen us, so that we will then be able to feed upon the truly defined Bread, Meat, of Christ our Savior.

“This lesson I give you, is the same teaching as it was given by Our Lord’s Apostles and this is the very essence of the true ‘Little Way.’ To love, for God, for all eternity.

“Remember, my sisters, this is difficult only because the prince of the world, who is Satan, the enemy of all that is good, rules in the world today. With his legions of the damned, every conceivable sin in an unseen obstacle is placed to block the path of any soul seeking to love its God and Creator. Virtually the whole world is battling against the sanctity and salvation of souls! This is why, my sisters, I will constantly remind you, your greatest protection is to become so small and insignificant in the world, that you present yourselves so defenseless before the sight and presence of all of Heaven, that, the Infinite Love is compelled by Love’s Nature to embrace you and preserve you from all harm. I assure you most heartily, my sisters, this is the great joy and delight of our Eternal Father in Heaven. And is this not also the truest desire of our Divine Spouse? And also, is this not the influence inspired in us, into our hearts and souls, by the Holy Spirit? And surely, we know this is the desire and aim of our most Blessed Mother, Who can want only for our littleness, for the glory of God.

The Trumpeter:  Saint Therese glowed with such a radiant beauty that is beyond words to describe the intense burning love that is dwelling within her, as she expressed these words that obviously mean so much more to her than this little bit of time was able to convey. It was very much like watching a small ember whose growth in size and increase in brilliance was caused by an unseen source. This reminds me of how Saint Teresa of Avila explained the mystical waters. She compared mystical waters being showered upon the implanted love in our hearts given to us by God in such a way that it was like water being sprinkled over burning tar. When this happens, the burning tar is not extinguished by the water; rather, a reverse effect is caused. Sprinkling water on burning tar causes the flame to spread. If you have never seen something like this before, it may be hard for you to imagine; but it is true.

The expression on Our Lord’s Face was that of a great satisfaction and pleasure as He had been listening to His sweet bride’s words of love. Obviously these are words that are silently communicated between the Twin Hearts and Saint Therese. This is such a good example of the indescribable union that exists within the Mystical Body, referring mostly to those souls who share in the glory of God in His Heavenly Kingdom.

Another observation that I made while Saint Therese was speaking was that a great brilliance was radiating from Our Lord’s Wounds in some indescribable way and it was reflecting from within Saint Therese’s whole being.

Our Lord held out His hands towards all of us with the gesture and expression that He was desirous of holding all of us in His loving embrace.

Our Lord:  “As My spouse has been revealing to you reflections that will help you to understand the pursuit of a ‘Little Way,’ I want to direct your attention to how this lesson is a very good explanation concerning the union of the Mystical Body within the Most Holy Eucharist.

“In all that Saint Therese was explaining, the reality reflecting the unity of all souls within My Mystical Body can be contemplated with her description of desiring to draw all souls to know and share the Eternal Source of all Love. Love wants not for Itself but that Love is shared for the greater knowledge of Love. The more who know Love, the more souls want only for Love. And the wanting for Love is not the desire to possess but rather to give it (love) back in return. This is because Love knows that the only joy or happiness that can be returned to Love in thanksgiving is... Love itself.

“The great sorrow above all sorrows is that even among the most pious of souls, few are praying for the salvation of the world. Many are those who cry out to Me through My Immaculate Mother asking for mercy for their families, for all of those they love. But few are those who offer to My Most Sorrowful Heart petitions of Mercy for all of the souls of the world.

“Little time remains for trying to convince others to believe. The only tool you have to intercede for them is your prayer. The times have become too short. The wrath of Justice grows too great and is overflowing upon the Divine Mercy and Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

“Pray on this, My children, and you will understand the great need for your petitions at the foot of The Cross at the Altar of Sacrifice.”

The Trumpeter:  At this time Our Dear Lord extended His Hands over all of us as He gave His blessing... And as the word “bless” was pronounced... all that could be seen was LIGHT! It was as if the sun had exploded and its light engulfed everything.

We have all been blessed, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost... +

In enclosing, I give my priestly blessing to all who read and share these words I believe to be from Heaven, as I bless all of you, your families and all of your intentions, in the Name of the Father, and in the Name of the Son, and in the Name of the Holy Ghost, Amen. +

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