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Message Received - March 30, 2001

In the Chapel at St. Peter’s Community

The Trumpeter:  “As I put on my vestments in preparation to offer Mass, Our Lady and Saint Therese appeared kneeling before the Tabernacle (as they have in recent weeks). I do not intend to make this sound like a trivial event but, at the same time, I do not want to over-emphasize anything that Heaven has been instructing me to elaborate on.

“Saint Michael (the Archangel) and Saint Theodore (the patron angel of the Oblates of Saint Therese of the Holy Child Jesus) were both behind the Tabernacle, appearing very large as I have described them in the past. (They were about 80 feet tall; Saint Michael normally appears this way the majority of the time.) It was like seeing through the wall behind the Tabernacle, as if it were not there. They both appeared as princes wearing very regal attire, including crowns. Both held in their left hands the staffs of very beautiful banners.

Saint Michael’s banner represented Our Lady as ‘Mary, Queen, Mother of God.’ This was the image that Our Lady had produced by an individual a few years ago depicting Her in Her Royalty.

“Saint Theodore held a banner representing the Oblates of Saint Therese of the Holy Child Jesus. An array of beautiful lights of every color emanated from both Angels. There appeared to be within these lights beautiful, sparkling, precious Stones that seemed to be semi-transparent. These lights radiated throughout the whole chapel and over all of the property of Saint Peter’s community.

“I heard a sound that I have been able to hear in the chapel for some time. And that is... the ‘sound’ of Our Lady’s Heart beating. This sound is a reminder to me of the extraordinary grace given by the Holy Trinity to each of the Oblate Chapels. This extraordinary grace can only be explained as the true presence of the Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother. Each chapel is inside of Our Lady, not the reverse. (This extraordinary dwelling of the Immaculate Heart is manifested physically.)

(1) “To give recognition and draw attention to the presence of this extraordinary grace, Our Lady is answering many favors asked of Her. This is only an introduction of ONE of the ways our Blessed Mother is going to exhibit the fullness of Her power over evil.

“Most people do not know it but this is a continuation of how Our Blessed Mother revealed Her Heart to Lucy at Fatima on the day of the great miracle.

Please Note:
Everything that I am recording at this time is information that I am spontaneously remembering... Because of the suggestions being given to me (by my Guardian Angel), past instructions are being recalled from my memory. While at the same time… I am seeing all of these things again, like short visions.

Heaven recalls to my memory subjects about which I received instructions on previous occasions. But, in this fashion, everything is in the order that Heaven directs. This is very much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together in just the right order to reveal information in a way that it can be explained most effectively.

Our Lord described this (the special graces being given in the Oblate chapels and through the devotions to the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix) as being the Divine Charity of the Most Holy Trinity, (this being God’s love amplified so greatly for us) made manifest and seen real, true, and substantial...

The Divine Charity is and always has been the creation of Our Lady. To simplify this...

The only way I can explain this clearly and without undue complication is that, God has actually united the physical chapel with the physical Maternal Heart of Our Holy Mother by placing the chapel into the Heart of Our Holy Mother. (Our Lord has said this means that... “All who come into the Oblate Chapels, are actually entering into the physical, real and substantial, Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother, the Mother of God...” So, we are actually entering into the union of the Twin Hearts.

(2) “This exists only as an exception, as a singular grace to console all who will give true homage to Our Lady as the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

(3) “This is being given as a special grace through the Oblate chapels because, it is through the Oblates that Heaven began the promotion of the ‘Medallion of Our Lady’ as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

“Our Lord explained one of the reasons why this was being done at this time. It was so that all who came before His Divine Presence upon the Altar would be fully and completely consumed within The Heart of His Most Loving Mother. Any and all prayers, asked of, or offered to God, any and all atonements, sufferings, and penances offered to God through Our Blessed Mother as the “Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces,” cannot be refused. No longer will there be two hearts, one of Our Blessed Mother’s and one of ours. Where there once were two hearts, now there is only One Heart, Which is the Immaculate and Most Pleasing Heart of Our Mother Mary, Most Holy. Her prayer is our prayer. As Her Love is also our Love, God can see only the One Pure Heart Most Pleasing to Him. (This is only an expression of what God is doing because we all know that God sees all things). God, the Holy Trinity, immediately accepts this Pure Heart, with its Holy and Perfect prayer.

“Our Lord explained that He couldn’t refuse anything that is within the Heart of His Most Holy Mother.

“It has pleased God to choose to continue having the Immaculate Conception magnify His Glory in a Most magnificent way. Simply put, because the individual has been given the singular and exceptional grace to make a petition to God, while dwelling within the Immaculate Heart of Mary, God shall not refuse or deny any prayer made with a contrite heart.

(4) “In time, mankind will be able to recognize the correlation of this blessing with the vision given to Saint John Bosco.

“Heaven’s reason for doing this is not to draw people away from Our Lord’s Divine presence upon the altars of the local churches. This grace is given as an incentive to remind us that we cannot separate the actions of God from the actions of Our Most Blessed Mother, reminding all of us about the Truly Perfect Union between the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

(5) “The Divine Wisdom of God has chosen to reveal to mankind (at this time) that the Divine Humility of God is the Infinite Power of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy. In understanding God’s humility, mankind is going to be tested to the highest degree. This is because mankind is receiving the overflowing mercy of God through the Blessed Virgin.

(6) “As the volume and degree of the Divine Charity is increasing moment by moment, the Divine Justice seeks refuge within the Immaculate Heart. Because the Divine Mercy is united with the Immaculate Heart, the Divine Justice is appeased. This Stay of the Divine Justice is going to continue only long enough to test against all evils. During this time, the Divine Justice shall manifest Itself within the Divine Mercy through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

(7) “God will give proof to the world that the Divine Humility is made manifest within the Immaculate Heart. As the Divine Justice is being appeased by the Divine Charity, the Divine Humility becomes greater and greater to defeat all evils. Mankind finds it hard to believe that the Humility of God is so great, even to the point of being the judge and accuser.

“To encourage sacrifice by individuals who seek Heaven’s intervention (for those things that in their hearts they believe to be desperate causes), Heaven invites everyone who is willing to make sacrifices through their pilgrimage to one of the Oblate chapels. (There are four chapels with this blessing.)

“Our Dear Lord will accept and grant any and all prayers offered through the union of the Twin hearts, under Our Lady’s title as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

“Simply put, those who come with a contrite heart shall not leave un-consoled. (This sentence is in reference to those individuals who call upon our Lady while inside the Oblate chapel.

(8) “The following information is in reference to the promises given by honoring our Lady as the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

“Our Lady gave this new Medallion in February of 1991. Up until now, thousands upon thousands of these Medallions have been distributed worldwide. Approximately 50 bishops worldwide have given their support in promoting this new Medallion, honoring Our Lady as the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has given his personal blessing in support of and for promoting this new Medallion worldwide.

Our Lady has promised that he will receive Her intervention in a very special way.

“The only simple way to describe this grace is to say that Heaven will give individuals a type of dispensation for eleven days, making it possible for them to see and understand God’s Will.

“The dispensation can only be described as a special intervention into the life of the person, preventing outside interferences (demonic or emotional) that would prevent them from seeing and knowing God’s Will, enabling them to resolve their problem.

“Many of the promises given by Our Lady include the involvement of various Saints of Holy Mother Church. This is because of the great importance of Our Lady and Her union with the whole Mystical Body. Our Lord and Lady want all of us to remember our allies in Heaven, both the Angels and the Saints, and their abilities to intercede for us.

“Even though we are reminded every day in the invocation of the Communion of Saints during the Mass, many people have forgotten that we share with all of them as members of the same Body of Christ. So, to help reawaken our fervor in calling upon the many Saints and Holy Souls, Heaven desires (just as our Faith teaches us) that we should unite our prayers with the Saints and Holy Souls, through Our Blessed Mother. This being the Will of God, and proven through the miracles that are granted to many souls, only continues to give greater glory to God.

“I think that most people would recognize Heaven’s reasons for giving these extraordinary graces.

“Many miracles are giving testimony that the dogma to come (concerning Our Blessed Mother as the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces) is not only true and valid, but also most pleasing to God for His Church to Celebrate.

“This is very similar to other occasions in history when the Church was formulating, and sometimes debating, a dogma. God assisted His Church by providing additional graces through outward signs. By these outward signs, the Church as a whole was able to see the activities of the Holy Spirit, inspiring the public to be well disposed and prepared in understanding at least some of the mysteries surrounding the proposed dogma. This is very much like when Our Lady appeared at Lourdes and pronounced, “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

“So it is again that God is aiding His Church, as the Holy Spirit is pouring out an abundance of graces to enlighten hearts and souls concerning the truths of our Lady as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

“God has given this Medallion of Our Blessed Mother depicting the various truths surrounding the dogma of the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces. He has given singular and extraordinary graces with this Medallion, sometimes manifested even by its mere presence, in fulfillment of His promises to always give signs of proof and to test to truths.

(9) “This includes the many special graces of intervention already being given by Heaven through Our Lady’s title as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces, by Her Medallion.

“These special graces are being given as promises to those who will give Glory to God by the holy Invocation of the Mother of God, proclaiming Her as the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces!

“This very special gift has already been prepared, following our Lady’s and our Lord’s instructions. This is a sacramental, (given as an outward sign) of exceptional graces of intervention from the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary through the Title, and Authority, of Our Most Blessed Mother as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces.

“These extraordinary graces are being given to Holy Mother Church for Strengthening the spirituality of all souls, and to increase their love and trust in God’s bountiful love for all souls. Also, to encourage a greater number of souls (for all individuals) to offer prayers, sacrifices atonements and penance for all souls. Not only for those in our immediate family and circle of friends should this always be done (but) to encourage a greater love for all souls...”

“We need to desire with an ardent love, eternal salvation, for all souls.

(10) “As I remind all of you, it is the faithful duty of all individuals to examine and report any and all things that are to be considered as ‘alleged’ messages or revelations or special graces being gifted within Holy Mother Church.

(11) “No individual (except the Pope) can denounce anyone or prevent any person from validly and devoutly pursuing the truth, as God may choose to reveal it.

(12) “The responsibility for every person is and share with others all they believe they have discovered as being either good, or bad fruits, those things they have observed or experienced themselves. We do not spread - rumors - things which we heard from someone else! We are bound to report only the facts - as best as we know them to be!

(13) By God, and Church, every baptized person is a ‘guardian of the faith,’ and is bound to defend all truths to the best of his ability.

“For those who are interested, I am including this following information.

“Our Blessed Mother’s clothing is a beautiful pastel aqua - marine green. As usual, the delicate and detailed craftsmanship implemented into the design all of these Heavenly garments is truly beyond any description; (to do them even a simple justice), I labor relating to you, in ways that would enable all of you to see it in your mind clearly. And hopefully you will see very vividly.

“As my guardian Angel is instructing me - I am to save the continuation that Heaven has brought back to my memory, to record at another time. I wish that I did have time to give enough detail describing all of the beautiful things I see around the altar and within the chapel during the Mass.

“There are still many other things that I would like to describe to all of you. When the time comes, I will be able to give you much more information. But this will be only by Heaven’s instructions. “I close at this time giving all of you my priestly blessing - in the Name of The Father, and of The Son (Our Lord Jesus Christ), and of The Most Holy Ghost. Amen +


“We should never forget that Our Lord has promised that, in His Name and Its Authority, greater miracles and wonders will be performed.


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