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Message: January 31, 2006

The Trumpeter:  While praying, I asked:  Should Americans be worried about any more terrorist attacks - anytime soon?

The following is the vision and message I was given:

Almost immediately I saw a very large and deep valley that was covered by homes and businesses. It looked like a large town, or maybe a small city. A dark cloud covered this valley.  Then the scene changed in sequences as if I were digressing in time to an event that may have already occurred. I was traveling from the valley up a ravine, or what could be described as a canyon until I reached the point where a dam was holding back the river that traveled down the middle of the ravine.

I could see people carrying packages into the dam and going down to its base. From the frontal point of view I could see other individuals about midway up the side of the ravine. These individuals had rockets in their possession. After the individuals had left from the inside of the dam, a barrage of missiles was shot at the base of the dam. Shortly after this an explosion occurred.  The explosion seemed to cause a ripple in this foundation. Subsequently the damn broke. While all of this was occurring I heard the words, “This is by man's own doing.“ repeated several times.  I was made to understand that what I was seeing was a combination of conditions relevant to several different dams, and that this was not one in particular.

Following this I saw and heard our Blessed Mother in a very sorrowful condition praying:

Blessed Virgin Mary:  Eternal Father, through my Divine Son, please delay or lesson the ability of these men to bring such great atrocities upon their fellow man. I ask this for the many innocent who will suffer so wrongfully and needlessly at the hands of the powerful who have no fear of man or God. Grant them the grace to fear the justice of your wrath for their evil deeds.

Eternal Father, give them the grace to see the great error of their intentions and to understand that the gains of the few who are powerful cannot justify or excuse them from the responsibility, or the consequences of their motives.

Eternal Father, give them the grace to see that they would not desire these effects to befall them, and how they are accountable to you for their every decision. Grant them the graces because of the innocent who will suffer.

Eternal Father, grant them the grace to see the effect of their desires, and how they will be the cause of many tears.

Eternal Father, grant them your grace to have love for their fellow man, instead of power.

Eternal Father, have pity upon the innocent, and spare them of this horror brought upon them by their fellow man.

Eternal Father, by your Holy Spirit give these men a glimpse of wisdom so they may see the fault of their human knowledge.

Eternal Father, I beg you, have pity upon my heart that suffers for my children.

Eternal Father, I beg you, answer my prayers…”

It was at this time I could hear Him answering her prayers as He said: “ I will grant you all that you asked in an equal response to the number and sincerity of those of your children who unite their love in charity to you, by your requests, for those innocent who have no one to pray for them. For 30 days I will delay the ability of evil, while you gather those who will answer your call under your mantel. By the degree of love given by your children, evil will be defeated.  If there is not enough, by that degree evil will succeed. It will be by man's own hands that the good, as well as the evil, that the chastisements come upon this corrupt world built by man.  Call those who love you and serve you, and I will give to them, through you, the fulfillment of the words of the prophets (Sacred Scripture), for they shall not be disappointed to trust in you."

The Trumpeter:  At this point, I was able to see Our Blessed Mother sending Her Angels throughout the world. They were approaching a great multitude people. Their actions seem to be like parents trying to direct the steps of their children to walk in a certain direction. I know this is a symbolic representation of how the Angels try to have sway over our souls and enlighten us to the needs of others. The only individuals I saw that responded immediately are those who had with them one of her Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix medallions. I think it is because of the graces that are granted to them through the angel that is given to them with this medallion so that they are responding to the nurturing graces and encouragement that these Angels have to increase the spiritual sensitivity of these people, and to enlighten them with a greater understanding of the responsibility that we as individuals have for the needs of others, and for their salvation. Other persons without the medallion did not seem to respond as quickly. Yet, the Angels did not give up, rather they continued to call them interiorly in response to the call of our Holy Mother.

Complementing this was a vision given to Father M. who saw water rising over its banks. He also described an event he felt was a glance into the future (how soon or distant is not known).  Fr M. described a large number of young people, some only teenagers, being awakened to a great spirituality and being called by God for the intercession of many in the world. They were called to give the example of how to perform to a high degree of charity.

Father M. also saw the Blessed Virgin kneeling in the rear above the assembly of United Nations.  (He was told that being positioned in the rear symbolized that she was praying against their actions or intentions. If she were shown to be kneeling or standing in the front of the assembly, that would represent that she supported them, at least on that particular occasion.)  He then heard the words “It is by man's own doing“ repeated several times.

I close from now as I offer my blessing for all of you and as I continue to ask for your prayers.

Fr Andrew Wingate, ostr

The Trumpeter

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