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Message - September 3, 1999,

In the chapel of St. Peter in the Community of St. Peter

TheTrumpeter:  The Blessed Mother sent Her Angel, Saint Germane, with the instructions that I was to come to the Chapel with the incense of St. Michael burning to receive from Her a message that She wanted recorded and published.

After having completed my prayer of petition, I see the gathering of many of the Angels and a vast number of Holy Innocent Children. These children are the Baptized Unborn. Our Lady has given Her Oblate priests instructions. By The Twin Hearts, all of the Holy Innocents and all the souls of Limbo were to be baptized within the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord. And they were also to be anointed. Then all of these Unborn and all Souls of Limbo are as such Baptized and received into Heaven. They also become instruments of Our Lady's great Love and accessory abilities, instruments of Her power throughout the world to intercede for souls. She has snatched these little ones from the jaws of Satan. Satan had planned to remove these souls from the face of the earth, preventing them from being souls who are able to see and understand and share in Christ's Holy Church. And to know the One True Faith. Satan wanted to prevent more souls from entering heaven as Saints. Evil wants souls to not only not know Our Lord but also the Union of the Twin Hearts (this being that they could share in the glory of Christ's Church on earth). Our Lady is here in Her Chapel, as She calls it, "the dwelling of Her Immaculate Heart, Her Living Heart."

Our Lord has come from the Tabernacle holding the Most Precious Species in front of Himself. The brilliance of light in which Our Lord is engulfed in is radiating greater than any light I have ever seen in my life. The lights and colors have become more vivid, alive, and real. It is difficult to describe them as being more real. They seem to become more alive and more physical than I ever realized was possible. I can faintly recall having had similar mystical experiences in the past, however, never to the degree which I am now experiencing. I don't remember them, I just know what happened. Now, in this vision, I recall them and it is a very over-powering and almost silencing vision and understanding.

Our Lord, as I said, is holding His Most Precious Species in front of Himself. I have nothing to compare to the brilliance of Its whiteness. The terms which we use, "whiter than snow," or "clouds," or "white light," are inadequate. This is a living color of white, a living color of purity and it is as if He lets It stand suspended in front of Himself. He goes into It, like, I don't know how to describe it. He is absorbed into It. He transposes Himself from one appearance outside of It to entirely in It, while It is still suspended in mid-air.

Three Seraphim Angels of Our Lady are in a triangular shape around it with St. Michael directly behind It. There are many other Angels, all of the Archangels, and what appears to be a great number of the Saint Angels of Heaven. Our Chapel Angel, St. Alexis, is standing next to St. Peter. Our Community Angel, St. Theodore, and the Angel of the Society, also named St. Theodore, are both present. They stand by St. Therese, who is to my left and standing in front of the life size statue of herself. She is wearing the Oblate habit and the emblem of a Mother. That is very much like the bow which Our Lady wears in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  St. Therese is our Patron Saint and our mother, therefore we all address her as our Mother, Therese.

A vibration of fire is emanating in all directions from the Eucharist. It is a living fire that seems to permeate all objects in the chapel. However, It appears not to leave the interior of the chapel. It is a constant, burning, living fire. It is a fire that could be described as a furnace or even a sun. But It is still a fire. It has no tongues or flames but it is a fire. And It has a strange heat, a most consoling, soothing, and peaceful warmth that penetrates every part of my body and my mind and I would even say into my soul.

Our Lady's voice comes from this Flame as She repeats a blessing in the Name of Her Son, this our God and Savior, in the Name of the Father, our God Creator, and in the Name of the Holy Spirit, this Giver of Life. Our Lady uses another word which is unfamiliar to me and can not pronounce. I have no pronunciation for it, but my Angel lets me know that it is a word which, loosely translated, means the Paraclete.

I see Our Lady's face and eyes in the fire. And She is this fire. And She is immediately here at the foot of the Altar as Her feet rest so gently upon the carpet where I've stood so many times to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Liturgy.

Our Lady's arms are stretched out forward as She reaches to kiss my reliquary Crucifix and She turns and She kneels before the Tabernacle. Yet the Eucharist which I described earlier is still there, suspended in front of the Tabernacle just over the head of our little statue of the Infant Jesus of Divine Mercy. It is a little statue I had made some years ago because of a private affection I have of the Child Jesus.

Our Lady rises up so gently and with such grace, She holds out Her hands. From Her neck is suspended a beautiful golden chain with a Crucifix of a unique design which She hold up with both hands as She kisses it gently. She makes the sign of the Cross in Her blessing, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The expression on Our Lady's face is indescribable with its gentleness, its kindness, its Motherly Love, and such affection. The sweetness of our Lady's words as She begins to speak...

The Blessed Virgin Mary:  "In My name I come, My children, as I am sent by the Triune God, as I dwell within the Most Holy Species here within the Tabernacle. It is I Who give My blessing from God in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. I am the Immaculate Conception and I am the Flame of Divine Love. I have called you again to My service, My son, Trumpeter of My Immaculate Heart and Trumpeter of these End Times, My priest son.

The Flame of My Heart, it grows to the extent of the Divine Justice as it rages against the sin in the world, and by the presence of evil as it grows. Out of Divine Mercy, the Flame of Divine Love burns for the salvation of all souls, for the Glory of God. This Flame, My children, is to keep all souls and hearts warm and alive with the fire of love for God. It is by this fire that I am the Divine Flame of Love that I travel throughout the world seeking to keep its warmth: the warmth of God's Love within the hearts of all My children. My son, as it is, sin has ravaged upon so many hearts and souls destroying not only lives and societies, governments and nations, but immortal souls. So many souls and hearts find their ventures away from the fire of God's Love and His One True Church. Each soul claiming so many, that God, by His Holy Spirit, has inspired them to form His Church. How they claim to form what only God could do. To form another Christian Church. Another in His Name, with continued division and confusion with perversion seeking to distract souls from the one Truth and leading them to the interpretations of their own minds led by the father of lies. There is but one Truth, My children, not by your own interpretations and your own handlings or by your own choice. The one Truth exists from the beginning and before, as it shall continue for all eternity. It shall never cease to be, as it has always been. It has no beginning and it has no end.

And these putrid tamperings and the spewing venom of the father of lies as he spreads his poison into the minds and hearts of so many, because of their unwillingness to have humility before God seeing only the superficial and outward appearance. It has been tampered by man. But still, is the coffer of the Glory of Christ and is still is the Temple of God and I, as the Tabernacle of God, and the Furnace of His Love and this Love burns to seek to remind you of the Great Love that God's Heart burns for you. You have wandered from His Truth of His Love so much that your hearts grow cold and you forget the Truth and Its Wisdom, Its Mercy and Its Love. The Love burning, with all that is of God, as I am the Flame of Divine Love, I burn with the Love of God. I am consumed of the Love of God. And I possess the Love of God. This I give to you, My children. I give it in great abundance, calling you to return before the Altars of My Son. Oh, so many of you, My priest sons, in your hearts that have grown so cold, so tepid, lukewarm, and many as desolate as tombs. Yet, how can you be shepherds of My Son's children, be shepherds of Mine? How can you be the harvesters of souls, when you do not know to whom your Master Who sends you to harvest these souls, when you do not listen to the truth? Instead, the fanciful tales, prophesied by My Divine Son, that you choose to take as your gospels. Are you seeking a new way here upon the Altar of Sacrifice all things are made new? There is no new truth. There is no new love. There is no new salvation. My Heart weeps tears of fire burning with Love for all of you. Please, I address you. Listen to My words, that My Heart should warm you and that you should return to the Altar of Sacrifice with Great Love! Here is the Lamb of God, Who has been offered for you! Each of you singly, individually, all of you, together My children, with all of His Divine Love, withholding nothing, only wanting your love.

My children, you cannot know love if you do not know My Divine Son, for He is Love. Oh, yes, He rests in My Immaculate Heart and I rest in His Most Sacred Heart. You cannot receive Love when you seek your own.

For your own is not love, it is pride! Humble yourselves before God, My children. For He is God. We are not. My son, in the week to come, on the anniversary of this day, you shall have a great confrontation and battle with the father of lies. I stand in the Temple, as My Son, preaching the Love of God and the salvation of souls for all of you, My children. As I imitate and repeat every step My Divine Son has taken in His life upon earth for the salvation of souls, I am His perfect Subject. I shall imitate Him to the death perfectly. And this, My death, that approaches within My Son's Church shall burn at the completion of the week. Come one year in this day, I shall give a sign on the throne where the Triune God, where all of the salvation of My Son's Church has been placed within My Hands, a sign I will give. So that none shall have a proof to cause Me to blush, a proof to call Me the liar. But I shall prove that just as My Son laid down His Life for all souls that He being raised up raised His Church. And I, when I am raised up in the week and a half to come, will raise up My Sign. Clothed with the sun, blinding all evil before the vengeance of God, shall strike it down; bring under My Mantle all My children. All of the faithful of My Son and His One True Church. For My Mantle is in His Heart and all who are under My Mantle will be in His Heart. Evil will be blinded because the wrath of God shall strike it by My hand.

My child, My son; I give you an exercise to help you. Upon each of My Feasts, again I call you to receive My words, but these should all be disseminated throughout the world, as I challenge those who choose to be fanciful at My Son's Holy Altar. For those who choose to be self-righteous and self-proclaiming calling those to adore our God outside of His Church, I call you My Children into the True Church of Christ. His One, Holy, Universal (Catholic) and Apostolic Church.

As I am the bridge from East to West and North to South: I shall gather all of My true children, all My true priest sons and bishops, all the true shepherds of My Son into one fold under My Mantle. Because I am the Immaculate Conception. I am the Mother of God and I come with these blessings, My child and My children, the Flame of Divine Love."

The Trumpeter:  Our Lady's brilliance, I am at a loss for words. I hear the instructions from St. Therese and St. Peter. They are inside me but I do not comprehend them. When this has occurred in the past, it has always returned to me suddenly with full understanding for the moment when it was needed and many times in dreams.

Our Lord pours out fire in front of Himself, from the very same appearance of the statue of the little Infant Jesus of Divine Mercy upon the Altar as He gives His blessing. And all of the Angels, the Holy Innocents, and the Saints, bow in adoration, blessing all in the sign of the Cross -- In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

This is the completion of the vision that I am to record at this time. The scenes that I continue to see are not for publication.

The comment that the "week" that our Lady referred to and the week to come as She called it is Biblical as She referred to also within the "one day." That is also a Biblical reference. Those who are students of mystical grace and Scriptures will know its time period readily.

I will give my blessing through Our Lady, Co-Redemptrix, and Mediatrix of all Graces, Our Mother of Mercy, Flame of Divine Love, that She should fill your hearts with an abundance of grace most pleasing to Her and that the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ That was shed upon the Cross descend and remain with you always, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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