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Message Received:  August 05, 2003

Cenacle of St. Mary of Guadalupe
Huatusco, Veracruz

(As reported by a member who was present.)

The Blessed Virgin Mary requested the prayer of the Holy Rosary at 5:00 PM . She asked us to dedicate the afternoon to Her. We all answered "yes", and agreed to pray all of the mysteries of the Rosary. The Joyful, the Luminous, the Sorrowful and Glorious. She asked that we offer our rosary in Latin with petitions on each Hail Mary. Then we began the First Mystery.

When we were almost finished, She asked that we concentrate harder because we were very distracted while praying. She said that we were not praying with our mind and with our heart. That we should ask for God's help and not be vague when we ask for something. We should ask (Her for) more details, specifically for many times (when) we do not know how to ask Him for things correctly.

Blessed Virgin Mary: "When you ask someone to build you a house, you do not simply ask them to build you a house. You indicate to them how you want the house built --- where you want the living room, the bedrooms and the kitchen to be."

Again we began to pray the Rosary. When we were about to begin the Glorious Mysteries, The Blessed Virgin told us that She had already heard our sorrows/pains and petitions, and that now She was going to tell us what Her sorrows were by the time that we prayed the rosary.

(In the following we mention Her pains, not with the exact words of the Blessed Mother, but express the sentiments of Her words.) 

God is not loved.

Although man was created to love God, the love for God does not exist

The priests, (especially) the bad priests.
We are not sincere. We are hypocrites even with God
The pain that She feels when a soul is condemned to Hell, is pain multiplied by the millions. She says we will never experience this much pain
Our pride.
The lack of caring.
The lack of love in humankind.

No one believes those who have been given messages. Some people have even made fun of them. And those who have believed, have not fulfilled what has been asked of them in the messages.

Then it was 10:00 pm

The physical and mental exhaustion that we felt in those moments, we should multiply a million times and offer to God in order to save humanity. But no one is willing to do this in this way. Nonetheless, everyday give a little of our love, our offering of self and our time, all of it is made by God.

All things aside, all of the graces are refused by humankind. Humankind does not want to save itself. There are very few who actually love God. She indicated that if she were a human mother, She would have already been dead from the pain of human ingratitude, but She is for God, of God, and belongs to God, and therefore She intercedes for us.

She does not reveal Her pain to just anyone, but only to those who can console Her. She does not ask for this consolation for Herself, but for reparation to God because God is very offended even though She has already asked us not to offend God.

Humankind will feel the repercussion of this lack of love for God. Humankind will suffer great punishments and maladies (sufferings), and will blame God for these maladies (sufferings). Man will lose faith.

The church will lose its way when the Pope is injured. For this reason the jewels of my heart will remain faithful to the word of my Son. I see with great sadness that you are not prepared. There will be needed a great love for God in order to continue forward.

A long time ago, we were asked to prepare for the great combat and we are not prepared. Ask God to conserve our faith and perseverance because it will be very difficult to continue forward. She was very grateful that we were here. Twice She requested that we do not soon forget Her words.

Blessed Virgin Mary: In everything that you have asked of me [all of the petitions in the three previous Rosaries] is for the cause of pride and the lack of love for God. Do you see children how we share pains? Even though we see what we see, and we hear what we hear, the one who will triumph is My Son. Do not doubt this!

Let the peace of God, the light of the Holy Spirit, and My Son be with you."

Then She blessed us:  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen."

She then indicated that we should finish the Holy Rosary.

We finished our prayers at 11:00 PM.

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