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August 5th 2004


Heaven has revealed that many in the United States are going to grieve because of the unwillingness to remain with God. Once the churches were full. Now they are empty.

These predictions recorded below, can be greatly lessened, but it will take a great deal of true and honest prayer to God, and many people sacrificing, to atone for the many sins committed in and by our nation as a whole. The sins of abortion, pornography, and homosexuality are the three great sins

committed in the United States, while our Congress claims we are a nation under God. It is because of these sins and more that God is allowing these attacks to happen in our country. As for other countries, they suffer for the sins of their own country.

Again, I state as clearly as I know how, that we as a nation can only lessen these coming chastisements by the united national conscience changing from accepting sins as being “legal” instead of morality, decency, honesty, and justice.

All of these things that are going to happen are both a punishment and a test being allowed and sent by God. So you can understand, all of this begins as a test for many, many, people. In this test, all are being asked to trust in the Immaculate Heart. By trusting in Her, God gives Her the power to preserve you and those under your care, such as your children. For those who fail the test, by not obeying God and refusing to trust the Immaculate Heart, all of this becomes a punishment for them and those who are under their care. The test is for the people in the immediate areas where there is the initial danger or threats. If they fail the test, then they suffer the punishment for failing to obey God. The test is to obey God.

In 1988, the people of the Congo were given this same test, but ended up suffering from an earthquake. More than 5000 were warned. Only about 250 were spared of the sulphur gases that killed all of the other people.

Please listen, America. Your decision will affect everyone.


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