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Message Received March 9, 2001

In the Chapel at St. Peter’s Community

The Trumpeter:  Our Blessed Mother has been present during the whole Mass with many of the Angels and the Saints. While I face the altar, Saint Thérèse, who is wearing the habit of the Oblates, stands to my left, in front of her statue, and Our Lady stands to Saint Thérèse’s right.

Saint Michael stands behind the Tabernacle and appears as a prince in a beautiful golden robe while Saint Peter stands to my right, in front of his statute.

Our Blessed Mother extends Her open arms and reveals Her Immaculate Heart. Its brilliance and warmth fill the Chapel. I have never been able to find what I feel would be sufficient and appropriate words to describe Our Lady’s beauty, although each time I see Her, I want to absorb and soak in, like a sponge, everything that I see. I have regretted over the years not being able to have a complete emotional recollection of each of these visions. Though I realize that it is a grace, and an exceptional blessing, even to be a messenger, still there are so many times that I have wished that I would be able to absorb and to retain all the things which I see and feel during the visions. Not only for the time, the short duration, of these visits with Our Lady and Our Lord.

After each visit from Heaven, I recall the words my father once said to me, that "no matter what, Heaven is worth it!"

I hope I am able, in some small way, to convey this to others who will read these words of encouragement and inspiration so that they, themselves, will desire to understand all that God allows to happen to them. Not only for their own salvation and the greater glory of God, but for the salvation of other souls.

So few people give a second thought to the supernatural as it concerns Heaven. To many people, the supernatural only means dialing a phone number to speak to some psychic at the cost of $5.00 each minute. Even fewer would be the people who would realize that the things that these psychics tell them actually come from evil spirits.

Our Blessed Mother holds out Her hands, and in each hand is a brilliant light that shines and sparkles like a magnificent diamond. The same light is upon Our Lady’s feet and over Her head. 

Our Lady’s Angel, Saint Clement, is kneeling down in front of Her in a gesture of most profound love. As he extends his hands forward, they slide underneath Our Lady’s feet. He raises Her gently into the air approximately four or five feet. All the brilliant lights that are always emanating from the Tabernacle are magnified through Our Lady throughout the Chapel and over the community property. As I know that you can only see these things in your minds to the best of my ability to describe them, I am encouraged to give some insight about these things. Heaven has always encouraged me to give these descriptions, so that this would enable pious souls to reflect upon the great magnificence of Heaven.

I also believe that it was also so that people could imagine how great is God’s love for all of us and to understand better how God wants to share all of His creation with us. Regretfully though, it is our sinful natures as well as the great multitude of sins in the world that cloud our vision and prevent us from seeing even the smallest glimpses of Heaven’s beauty.

Our Blessed Mother has given Her blessing upon us several times while I have been speaking. She is holding a beautiful crucifix made of petrified wood. It’s a very beautiful crucifix that I have mentioned before in other messages. Behind the Corpus in the Crucifix is the inlaid image of the medallion of Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces.

My Angel Guardian is gesturing for me to repeat what Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady: “My Priest son, I bless you as I bless all of My children from the most Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“On each of these days, I will present a plea to all of My children to increase their prayers for the salvation of all souls. And with this increase of prayers, many chastisements shall be lessened, as none can be prevented any more. It grieves My heart to see that so many will suffer so needlessly when all of these things could have been prevented.

“My child, My children, time has passed beyond mitigation. The hand of Divine Justice is coming down upon the heads of all. None shall escape nor be exempt from the purification that is now upon you; a purification and punishment that all have been warned about for many years. There are no excuses for anyone to give. Although I still plead for all of you, My children. As your Mother, it grieves Me to see the great sorrows to be suffered by so many. “What must I do to encourage you, My children, to offer everything to the Eternal Father for the conversion of all souls?

“What have I not said, that I should have? What tears should I have shed that I have not? My heart is breaking with sorrow and grief. I have called out to all of My Priest sons, begging them to intercede for all of the souls who are in their care. I have called out to all My religious sons and daughters, begging them to intercede for all souls. I have called out to all of you, My children, but you have preferred to wait until the last moment. It seems many have not, and still do not, trust in My Immaculate Heart and refuse to respond to My pleading. Some feel and believe that I would prove them to be foolish for trusting in Me as their Mother. They believe that if they were to follow My words and things (events) did not proceed as quickly, and as far, and as severely as they felt they should to justify their response to Me, that they would be made the fools in front of others.

"How concerned you have been with the opinions of others, rather than the pleading of My Immaculate Heart. So, what have I to say now that will justify your concerted effort in interceding for others?

"Will you not pray for those who have no one to pray for them? Will you, My children?"

The Trumpeter:  Our Lady is standing with Her arms extended, and the expression on Her face shows that She wished She could have each of us individually feel Her embrace so that we would understand better what She is saying.

Our Lady is giving Her blessing again, amidst the tears of Her eyes, as She blesses us all ... in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen."

The expression on Saint Michael’s face is one of great frustration, even, exasperation. Any time that our Blessed Mother, Who is His Most High Queen, reveals Her tears of sorrow and disappointment because of man’s ignoring Her, Saint Michael becomes quite disturbed. This is because he sees into the great depth of Her love for all souls. Saint Michael can also see the great sorrows and anguish that are causing his Queen to suffer, because of our ingratitude.

I recall a time when Saint Michael told me that because all priests are consecrated to him, before they face God in Judgment, he will have His opportunity to address them. Each and individually. He also said that many would rather embrace Satan than face Saint Michael. I always understood this to mean that Saint Michael would be given the ability to express his great disdain for those who would betray their vocations.

I close for now, as I give my blessing to all who read these words, as I bless all of you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

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