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Recorded:  December, 2008

The following information was given sporatically from June through December, 2008.  Due to health issues and some other things in the Community that have ended now, these have been recorded and placed here for all to read.

There will be developments that will cause civil unrest that could be as soon as June through September, 2009, but will most likely be later than that.

The Trumpeter:  Is this for sure?

Heaven responded:  The conditions are for sure...the time period is not.  The longer these conditions prevail, the more widespread the unrest will be until the worst has surfaced.  It is cruelty and neglect that will enflame the unrest. 

The hardships that so many people are experiencing now will continue to bring suffering.  Much of the suffering that is coming will be needless and preventable.  These sufferings will be long term and affecting the lives of many people for years to come.

The gravity of the disasters occurring around the world will increase.

The United States is still upon a path deserving punishment from God.

During all of the coming trials, the hearts of the faithful will continue to be tested by God.  Soon, it will appear that the Just will have achieved a great victory that has been long awaited only to discover that they have been betrayed.  This is because of the weakening faith of many and the patience of God allowing Mankind to follow their Free Will.  The innocent will suffer much for the Glory of God for their suffering has been offered for the redemption of souls.

Humility is sought by Heaven.  The weak and the poor who are many, are bearing witness for the compassionate of heart and against the cruel hearted, for it is their testimonies that cry out for mercy and for justice.  So it is they who are heard by Heaven.

One of the major institutions that causes financial stability in the US will suffer a terrible blow and will implode due to the greed of its directors.  They foresee this even now, but are not changing their ways.  This can be lessened greatly depending upon the people in charge right now.  These directors say they are acting for the betterment of these people, not for themselves...but they lie.


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