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1992 - Message from Our Lord

This evening Our Lord asked that I should sit and converse with Him on the subject which He chose, so I come before our Lord in the Eucharist.  Our Lord comes from the Holy Tabernacle on the Altar.  He comes forward and sits here in the pew. He does not come as a majestic king with awesome powers threatening souls. He comes as a gentle conveyor of Love, Compassion, and Mercy.

Our Lord: I address to you, My son, My brother, this My gift I give to the world. It is a combination of many treasures and loves of the Almighty God, of the Holy Triune God. Yet, first of all is always Love. Here I am continuing to offer My Infinite Love in atonement for all sins. Constantly continuing, never ending the one sacrifice that I began on the Cross that I continue and shall continue, My Priesthood shall continue this offering for the salvation of souls, making all things new and acceptable to God, our Father Almighty. I give this in Love always.  My Love cannot refuse it.

A great sorrow is approaching, that is greater than any I have held in My Heart before. As I cling to the Love of My Mother, My greatest Love, I look upon mankind with a great sorrow, knowing that the Divine Justice, equal to the Divine Mercy, is raging as a great storm upon sin and those who have clung to it because of their taste for the lusts of the world.

I rest here in My Presence, waiting for the children of My Father to come, and for the children of My Mother to come. She is here with Me to console My Heart.  I console Her in Her journeys throughout the world seeking all to return to our Father in Heaven.

My Mother has been refused, rejected and dejected throughout the world, even by those who profess openly again and again that She is their mother.  She is their love.

It has been foretold in prophecies and Holy Script, and even by the Saints of My Holy Church.  My Bride must suffer (My Church).  She must suffer to be purified, and suffer to be glorified. She must appear to be destroyed as evil sought to destroy me as I walked upon the Earth preaching the Good News of the salvation of mankind. My church will be persecuted to a degree never seen before as evil has reached a height that has never before been seen on Earth. She shall suffer and be persecuted. She has been judged already in this scourging soon to carry the great cross to Her Calvary where she shall be crucified, tormented and mocked, and believed to have died and been destroyed. But, I remind you by the Holy Script, Moses was told and instructed amongst the Levites and priests to constantly offer atonements for their sins and for those of the people.  They were to live upon trust. Their reward would be that of the Glory of God. Yet as before, many in the world today have chosen to find their securities and their rewards in the things of this earth.

The Trumpeter:  Lord, how is it that all of our priests and all of the people seem to have forgotten what the core and essence of your teachings is, with all the customs that have been developed and given to us by God the Holy Spirit to strengthen our Faith? How is it that we have become so distracted? And what are we to do?"

Our Blessed Lord:  Look here upon this Altar. In its center is the Tabernacle surrounded by My saints, holy images of those who have loved Me and intercede for you. What has been forgotten is their presence with Me here in the Tabernacle of My abode upon Earth; here where I rest in the Immaculate Conception of My Mother.

The Trumpeter:  My Lord, who do You say that You are resting here in the Immaculate Conception?  I was wanting You to help us understand why we have drifted so far from the essence of what You are teaching? Even among the different Rites, which I know throughout the world are all valid.  In the different cultures the Holy spirit has inspired devotions to God, to the Angels and the Saints in particular ways because it is in the minds and hearts of the people, You have responded to those things, but how is it that even among all these things, there is something that You refer to that is forgotten? How can this be? What is it that we have forgotten?

Our Blessed Lord:   My priests, My brother, have forgotten My Divine Presence. My Divine Presence made possible here on the Earth by My Immaculate Mother. As the first Eve made way for the Fall of Adam, the New Eve has made way for the rise of the New Adam, for the Saviour. And I rest within Her Immaculate Nature, for God has in His Presence and His Wisdom, chosen to bless what He chooses. It is God Who chose Moses to lead His people. It is God Who chose Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Isaiah, and John.

I chose My Apostles. I sent My Apostles out two by two, and I sent My Disciples out by twos, also.  In My ministry, preparing for the salvation of souls, bringing the glad tidings of Love of God for mankind, I prepared and built the foundation for My Church. If man, who thinks he is so wise, can give laws to govern himself and protect and preserve his governments, does he think that I am such a fool that I did not establish laws and means to protect and preserve My church as a One Church?

In many governments the people will rebel even at times against a good government. And sometimes a government may have corruption in it by the human element and it splinters and breaks into other bodies and societies.

My Church is still My Bride on Earth as it has been from the beginning.  She has consoled Me over the centuries as I have consoled Her. Yet, the human element, by free will, is not always pleasing to God and leads many souls away from the truth, away from My One True Church, leading many souls to forget that God is with them, and that with the Father is the Son and the Holy Ghost. We dwell within Our tabernacle of gold, Our tabernacle of Love. We dwell upon Earth, in the only place of where We know We can be loved and given to souls who seek to love God. 

Here in My Presence... in My body and Blood, My soul and My divinity, I rest within the Heart of My Immaculate Mother, just as I had rest within Her Her womb, and as a Child in Bethlehem.  I am the same, resting within Her Love, and She, My Mother most Pure, continues to give Her only Son to all of mankind for the salvation of souls, to be loved, and to be ridiculed, to be persecuted, and hated, sought after for Love, and to be sought after in hate, which causes her great joy with great sorrow and anguish.  My Mother, Who has shared in My coming into the world and who has shared in all My Love for souls has shared in the Redemption of souls.

She has mediated from the beginning, as in My public life as Holy Scripture records.  I chose to show to the world that all I give to mankind I give to Her first. Just as she asked, that out of her Love, that I should console the young couple at Cana, in the miracle of the water into wine as simple a thing as this was. I do all for the Love of souls for My Immaculate Mother first for She is the Heart most Pure, She is the Love most consoling, and the arrogance of man cannot stop this. The hard headedness and stiff-neckness of man cannot stop this.  It is only evil's continuance to want to separate My Immaculate Mother from My Most Sacred Heart that I will never let occur.

Yet, that has been forgotten within My holy Church and throughout the world today, forgotten by many pious and good souls, but not by evil. There cannot be a separation from My Immaculate Mother and My Most Sacred Heart; and this is what evil tries to bring. This is what has brought so many souls away from the cofit of graces, leaving them to yearn for a transcending Faith and Divine Graces. Because of prejudice and human weakness and self love, they have deprived themselves of Infinite Love from My Most Sacred Heart. And here as My Apostle Paul has described and stated by the grace of the Holy Ghost and His Light, here we have and here is the Presence of God.   We have "Him" in this Bread and in this Cup. This is what is forgotten.

I have promised My Mother, and I promise now to you, all who go into the abode of Her Heart, I shall not let them leave unconsoled and unenlightened, nor alone. All shall be freed of their burdens and sorrows who enter into the Immaculate Heart of My Mother; to bend their knee before God, seeking God first as I shall take all of these things to My Father, and all that is asked of My Immaculate Mother (within the abode of Her Heart), She shall make it good, pleasing and holy before God. And by Her Love, all shall be done that is asked of Her. For I shall defend the truth of the Immaculate Conception and I shall defend the undefiable truth of Her as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces. This is by God's Will, not by man's. I did not need your cooperation to create you but you must cooperate in your own salvation, because you have your free will. You have the gift no animal has. You have a soul no other animal has. No creature has the gift that you have. You have the gift of My Love and the gift of My greatest Treasure, and this is My Immaculate Mother. She is My joy, She is Our Love, and We give Her to you, but We do not give Her to be harmed and denied.

The Trumpeter:  Lord, is it really true that there are that many that are trying to separate our Lady or the Angels and Saints from being recognized in Your Divine Presence? I know that for centuries now there have been so many who want to dispute Your Divine Presence in the Eucharist. And many miracles have been recorded and documented by both Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and non-believers. And yet so many times those things are pushed under the rug and denied, so that those who are unfortunate in their protesting faith fail to have the opportunity to see It and have the opportunity to, maybe, be converted or understand Your great Love by knowing these things. What are we to do? How are we to respond? And how are we to react?"

Our Blessed Lord:  In this manner, you will do these things. I have called all of you here for an exact reason and a purpose. The least among all. But none is an exception other than My Mother.  You have each been given an exceptional desire to love Her and to serve Me and to love your God and to be willing to defend the love that God gives to you and to all souls.

So this I ask of you and I command of you. More will come into the abode of My Immaculate Mother's Heart. Retreat there always. And for those who do not yet know, plead for them. Plead for those who suffer and plead for those who do not know My Divine Mercy. And plead for those who have not learned of the Great and Infinite Love of My Immaculate Mother for all souls. By this I will send My Servants, My Angels, throughout the world and I will call them, every one, to come and be within the abode of My Immaculate Mother, to come within Her Heart. This is not a calling that is new, but I restore it by My presence upon the Holy Altar of Sacrifice. As My Mother told the children in Fatima when She revealed Her Immaculate Heart and of the Great Flames of Love that came from Her, they say and understood that She is the abode of God and from Her comes the purifying flames of Love. And that Love shall be so sweet for those who seek It. It shall be bitter for those who reject it. Yet sweet it will be as they affirm in their hearts to repent and to turn away from their weaknesses and the sins in their lives. Sins against God, against all of His creation, His Angels, His Saints, against My Mother, against other souls and all of mankind.  You must have charity always in your hearts. If, what you do, is not for the love of other souls, abandon it. Give from your excess to all who are in need, according to their need.

But here in this abode of My Mother's Love all who come seeking shall find all that they ask. For My Mother shall fill their hearts with consolement, with her Love that is in the Tabernacle of God. My son, My brother, remind all that before coming to the Presence of God, repent for their sins, confess your sins in word, to atone for them and never to commit those sins again.

Again and again, repeat to them how evil only wants them to forget God and choose your luring tastes of this world; of which I do not take away from them and neither will god My Father nor the Holy Spirit. They will lose this taste only when they have affirmed in their hearts to dwell only in the Love of God. That is the purifying fires of My Love, consuming the Heart of My Immaculate Mother. And as She has told you, as you have sought to feed from Her Immaculate Heart and drink from Her consoling tears, She shall give to you an infinite hunger for My Most Sacred Heart.

Continue to bless souls and pray for them, My Priests. Pray for them with honest and great love, for it is the salvation of souls I am seeking and it is your labor in this harvest to bring them to this salvation. Increase intercessions, increase prayer and increase charity above all things. Have patience as I have patience for you and for all and extend this Love and Charity, which comes from this abode of My Immaculate Mother, for all of mankind.

The Trumpeter:  Lord, will You help us to understand how these things are going to change or affect our conditions in the world?

Our Blessed Lord:  Shortly I will. Return to the project I have given you and I will continue with our discussion again later. As I bless you, and bless all of the works of My Mother and all good souls, blessing them in the Name of the Triune God... the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Be at peace, My brother. Pray for the salvation of souls, love My Mother and all souls.

The Trumpeter:  Our Lord gently gets up.  He smiles.  And as He returns to the Sanctuary, His Angels seem to gather around Him, and as such I am unable to understand or see where He has gone. The Angels only fill the Sanctuary, as the Holy of Holies that it is. They remain there in praise and glory to God, and I must return now to my duties.

God bless all of you. I will continue all of these things as Our Lord of Heaven gives them.

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