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Visions / Predictions


August 1, 2004



1) There will be SIX locations that will be cruelly and viciously attacked by terrorists.

  a) One of the newspaper headlines I was shown said, "US at War - AGAIN!".

  b) These terrorists will make their intentions known as early as the last         week of August, 2004.

  c) The last of the 6 events could be as early as the end of September, 2004.

2) Several airplanes will be shot down by our government who suspected them of being commandeered by terrorists. Later it will be proven that only one of the planes was really guilty of being operated by criminals.

3) Many civilian organizations will work with the Federal Marshals and Government forces to provide an exceptional and great service for the increasing of the security of the borders between Canada and Mexico, and the US. Various Militias will work to protect private property.

4) Although fear will be great, National pride and the great concern for each other will prove to be more important to people, bringing an overall air of confidence which will diminish the grip of fear.

5) Many of the poor will suffer at this time, but civil duty will becoming a raging fire in the hearts of the people. Terrorists will be suspected of hiding among the homeless, but they will not be safe from the patriotism that burns in the hearts of even the poorest of Americans. Many will be captured and turned over to the authorities, but not until after they are given the opportunity to have the "taste" of retaliation offered to them.

6) There will be several fires.

          a) One of the fires shown to me had devices designed to release toxic chemicals that become extremely poisonous when burned. When water is put on the flames, it will explode, spreading the deadly fumes.

          b) Another of the fires will cause the loss of not only property, but many lives as well and be of singularly meaningful and historical value to the American people. (note: St. Michael pointed to the deep southern part of the US when asked about what this "historically" important loss would be.)

7) During the time of attack on the US, the actions of some of the politicians will be recognized as heroic, while others will be seen as the lowliest of cowards. The brave will be applauded by the whole Nation, while the cowards, not forgiven by the public, will lose their bids for re-election.

8) In the months to come, a leader will request great trust from the Nation and will receive all that he asks, but he will not be satisfied with mild retribution on those responsible for aiding the terrorists who attacked the US.




1)  St. Michael has warned that there will be a drastic increase in the terrorist attacks as well as other chastisements. These are being allowed by Almighty God to test and punish. He has described all of these attacks as being the continued mounting of Satan's assault against all of the Good in the world.

Satan is laboring to destroy Holy Mother Church in the eyes of the public as preparation for his servants the anti-prophet and the anti-Christ.

2)  Heaven has revealed that a number of Cardinals and Bishops are committing a great "apostasy" by the desecration of sacred shrines and churches, and by openly offering sacrifice to the pagan gods. It was explained that the Cardinal prefects of several of the congregations are guilty of this great sin, and are allowing and encouraging the public to follow their example. This crime is now obvious and will become clear, so there is no need to accuse anyone with suspicion.


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