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Visions / Predictions


November 29, 2004

Greetings and may God bless all of our readers who are seeking to understand the signs of these times.

In the effort to keep the public up to date concerning the various predictions relating to impending events, Heaven has continued giving words of caution saying: ". Evil is setting in place the chain of events that will cause destruction and death in the effort to satisfy the desires that Hate has to inflict pain upon others. Those who are promoting the cry for war, seek only mindless destruction to vent their hate upon those they call their enemies."

There are going to be vicious attacks that are going to bring about an untold number of deaths. The days for these events are closer than many could imagine. And those of you readers, who are looking forward to the fulfillment of these predictions in an effort to justify your own convictions about the various messages, do not have long to wait. You will regret you did not pray for God to lessen these events because it will be shameful for you to say to anyone, "I told you so." How can you expect to be satisfied for having believed in advance about the pain and suffering that is going to be inflicted upon so many? Could you not have desired and prayed that more people could receive an advance warning? Think of the many people just like yourself who will die suddenly without the opportunity to repent or be reconciled with God? If it is to be you, wouldn't you want mercy to be offered to you?

One of the worst events to come will be close to Christmas. The enemies of God desire to make an attack upon those who call themselves Christian in the attempt to make their actions seem to be an attack upon what they call the false religions. This is only an attempt to hide behind the name of God in the effort to discuss the evil they are doing, while claiming their actions as a service to God. Evil serves only the God of evil. God Almighty IS the God of Good only.

After these initial attacks by terrorists, each of the predictions will be realized two and three at a time.

Here is a warning to be taken to heart:

As each event occurs, they will only prove to lead to another as horrible or worse.

When Russia and China unite in their efforts to fight terrorists, this is a sign the invasion of many nations is at hand --- most notably the United States.

During the time period of the unity between Communists, the assassination of various leaders will follow.

Remember all of these events are designed to reduce the world population to about before the year 2050. But this will be achieved before 2015.


Remember --- if we are not a nation Under God, then we are a nation Without God.


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