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Visions / Predictions

July 22,2005


     I was exercising by walking around in the parking lot in front of our home, and the Chapel about 1:00 am.  I saw a large group of individuals being chased by soldiers on horses.  The soldiers on horses were Lancers.  They were chasing these individuals and killing them with their spears.  Penetrating the outward appearances, I could discern that the Lancers were a representation of the Holy Angels, while the individuals on foot were a collection of devils and demons.  It seemed that the devils and demons had, for some reason, lost their supernatural powers, transforming them into slow dumb animals.  They appeared to be no more than cattle.   The Lancers did not relish their mission.    Rather, they exuded exhaustion as they gathered the stray beasts.  As each one of these beasts was stabbed, or skewered with long spears, it reminded me of trash collectors puncturing debris on the ground with a long stick that has a spike on the end so that the individual does not have to bend over and pick it up.  When the demons were skewered with the long spears, they acted more like fish on a hook than a wounded beast.   Upon their capture, they were thrown into a burning pit that always seemed to be close by and readily accessible.   It resembled a large, but low, smokestack that belched sparks, smoke, and ash.

    In the past, Heaven has explained this as a symbolic representation of how evil is being vanquished by the change in people's hearts.  I've been told that it is a symbolic representation of how the evil spirits are gathered, in a violent way, and cast back into the pit of doom.  This is not a romantic representation, but a demonstration of how anything concerning the evil spirit is always a coarse and distasteful duty of the Holy Angels.

     As this scene passed by, it could have been compared to the stampede of a massive herd of bison storming across the Great Plains of the Old West.  Just imagine --- hundreds of thousands of these huge beasts, thundering past you at such close range that the dust covers you and fills your nostrils, and you can feel the heat of their breaths and see the fire in their eyes as you are nearly overcome by the thundering vibration made on the ground by the pounding hooves of these creatures.  A gripping shock overcomes you.  You're overwhelmed with awe as a wave of fear slowly builds from the very depth of your being, as you hope, and pray, that none escape.

    I am seeing only the lesser devils with an array of various major demons.  The more powerful ones stood at a distance, like generals on a hill watching their divisions of soldiers' skirmish with the enemy.  These greater and more powerful devils manipulate the activities which involve powerful people in society.  Many of the leaders of various countries and large corporations do not respond to the choice to listen to the guidance that is eagerly furnished by the Angels of Holiness who can guide them in a manner that instills world peace and relieves the suffering of millions around the world.  At the same time, these people are also tempted by the voice of greed which promises them greater power and flatters their fragile pride.  Greed, power, and wealth attract the most powerful devils who in turn, promise more of the material and worldly greatness they crave, which will inevitably make some of them the great princes of mammon.

     In the midst of all this, I could see the gathering of very powerful men.  They gathered around a large conference table,arguing amongst themselves.  The viciousness of what they seem to be asked, and their pressing themselves to each other, was frightening.  Some seemed ready to lash out at others with the look of death gleaming in their own eyes.  While all of this was going on, an angel from the Blessed Mother who speaks to me on Her behalf, explains what this means. 


The Angel, St. Filament:  These are leaders of many countries and men of power in several of the major industries in the developed countries.  These are people of wealth and greed, who seek only their self gain, and not the good of society.  If their actions aid anyone other than themselves, their souls have been sold, as they do not believe that the servants of death will ever come to collect their due.

     They are discussing and developing a plan to squeeze from the public, greater amounts of money to be added into their own coffers.  They are actually developing a plan to steal unlawfully earned profits that will cause great hardship, and even death for many.  The leaders of these governments could easily prevent this from coming, but they stand aside because they are promised great financial gains for themselves and their companions.  Some are remaining silent, because they fear for their lives, but in doing so, they will certainly lose their salvation.

     It is very easy for the greedy to be manipulated by evil - by the whisperings of the father of lies.  They give in to deception as easily as leaves blown about in a storm.   Several of the leaders of the world are being fooled into giving into self-destructive rivalry - a rivalry that is being built upon their fragile ego and selfish pride, and is preparing that path for a future war.  This rivalry is fueled by the passion and the greed that burns in the hearts of so many, especially these men.  Each of them is trying, or wanting, to prove himself superior to the others.  They think that they cannot be caught in the trap that they are setting for the others. 

     There are evil men who are in control of the major industries that operate on and supply a great amount of the oil for this country and other Western nations.  They hunger for stolen profits, and believe that they will succeed in their evil plan.

    Political ambitions and revenge against those who have attacked this country and others, is the main motive in the hearts of many who are seeking retaliation against those who  promote and carry out their evil deeds while carrying the banner Satan, who stirs up his unholy wars.  So, many prefer to serve death.  And it is these servants of death, who failed to understand that the One True God is Life.  He is the God of Life and Love.   And everyone who cries out for vengeance and seeks the lives of others, do not know the One True God.

   Thousands of innocent are dying needlessly.  They are dying because there is no true love and charity in the hearts of those who are the leaders of wealthy nations.  And very soon, they will find themselves the leaders of a nation of starving people.  All of this you could have prevented if only you had extended your hand in honest charity for those who are in so great a need.

    I am seeing those religious leaders who have convinced themselves that they are standing upon the moral high ground.  They make false claims to each other and the public, and are bearing a false witness.   Through their statements, they only serve Satan by fueling the fires of hate and prejudice.  The truth is not the truth if the facts of it are not known and it has no witness among the people.  And to expose evils that  are not known only to cause scandal is bearing a false witness.  It is not God who motivates their hearts.  They are motivated by their own pride

The Trumpeter (Fr. Wingate):  I can see St. Michael holding what I call the Orb of Light.  From within this light, I can see a sequence of events in the future.  These will happen and cannot be delayed or lessened.  They are listed in no particular order.

1)  I see Russia and China standing together as they face the Pacific Ocean.  One hand is waving a flag of peace, while behind their back they conceal weapons of war.

2)  I see ships of war disguised as oil tankers.  Some of the ships have the Russian flag flying above them, but most of them have the flag of Soviet Red China flying upon their masts.

3)  I see a small fire but a very large cloud of black smoke coming from North Korea and blowing toward the Pacific Ocean.

4)  Up and down the East Coast of South America there are many fires burning.  Most of these fires are burning in the middle of their countries.  But in between some of them are clouds of black smoke.

5)  Through the United States, I see ropes hanging from trees.  And through the whole United States, in a very wide and scattered pattern, there area number of very small fires burning.

6)  I see sporadic spots where people are fighting each other.  As these people are fighting among themselves, there are many people standing around and watching them.  It appears that they are fighting about the ration books given to them to regulate how much gas and oil they can purchase at one time.

7)  Political leaders are giving speeches to the people,but their backs are to the people.  Within the crowds of people many of them are fighting amongst themselves.

8)  I see fire and smoke coming from Pakistan and India, as well as the countries north and west of them. 

9)  The mountains and oceans are screaming with a loud voice to the Heavens. 

10)  In each of the seven seas, there is an angel.  He is standing knee deep in the water with a sword in his hand as if he were being prepared for a battle. 

     Other things that I have seen during this time, I am unable to record right now.  When I am given the directions from Heaven, I will record them.

     A few days later I spoke to my spiritual director about these things and he conveyed to me what he was shown:

1)  He told me he was seeing people in the streets fighting amongst themselves.  He said the public was holding ration stamps, issued by the government, in their hands.  The ration stamps showed how much gasoline for automobiles and fuel for their homes that they were to receive.  Some of the people were saying they deserve to receive more fuel because of the number of children they had, or the number of people living in their homes.

2)  He saw the oil companies claiming there was no oil when the oil companies had plenty of petroleum, both processed and to be processed.  This artificial shortage made it possible for them to fraudulently raise prices for gasoline and other fuels.  He could see government officials contriving with oil companies and bankers making all of this possible.

3)  He also saw how this caused a false inflation of the prices of other products, and industries dependent upon oil.  This is in turn threatened a nationwide depression, not only in the United States, but in other countries as well.

Heaven instructed that the public be told of all the things described above.

     These events are being allowed to happen as a punishment because of the corruption that exists in our government and many major businesses worldwide.  They will also occur because our country could help many nations where people starve, but instead, we standby idly, letting them die. 

     Our country could bring peace to the world through charity for other nations.  This has been our calling from God, who has blessed our nation with such vast resources.  There are other counties who could do a great deal as well, but God has chosen our country to lead the way by setting the example for the rest of world to follow.  Since we have not done these things like we could have, we will suffer greatly.  It is a great hypocrisy for our country to claim to be one nation under God.

     I present all this to you, the public,  for your consideration.  I can do  no more than present it to you.  What you do with it is up to you.  


     I encourage that all who read this to take it strongly to heart, and to pray for our nation and for all people who have no one to pray for them.  We must remember that God judges us by the actions and example we give.  Until all people come on their knees before God, our nation will be chastised, and these chastisements will increase and worsen.



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