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Visions / Predictions

June 1, 2006


For about two months now, Heaven has been repeating the same information, over and over again, concerning several events that are to come.  These are things that Heaven has spoken to me briefly about over the last year or two, but now are becoming more urgent.  It has covered the subject of a pandemic, which is a very popular subject of discussion in most of the news mediums of today.  Even though there are quite a few individuals who honestly would like to try to protect as many people as possible, there are those who are looking for a subject of intrigue to feed off to make an exciting story.  And St. Michael has stressed that our military is in much greater danger than most people have considered. 

Here is what I have been told:

1) "In the very near future there will be another attack (by militant terrorist) upon one of the American naval warships.

*Heaven has not said anything concerning the severity of the damage done to this vessel only that there would be any number of individuals that may be killed or wounded.  Neither have they said anything about the location of this ship that is going to be attacked.  The only thing they have stressed is that "the attack is NOT going to be a complete surprise but that the results will increase the desire for retaliation and vengeance in the hearts of many."  Heaven has stressed the need for all of us to pray that this will all be lessened as it is evils desire to inflame greater hate in the hearts of as many people as possible.  Evil desires that all human beings be ruled by pride and hate, which are the greater passions of evil, and not true humility and charity, which are the virtues which transform us into true children of God.

2) "The heads of governments around the world have no desire to protect or preserve their populace from the spread of a killer flu, not even here in the United States.  Our government is planning to protect only our military and a select number of political leaders.  It is the accepted plan of world leaders to allow a flu pandemic to 'run its course'."

*The percentage that is considered realistic and the percentage of the population expected to perish from such a plague is greater than 25% maybe even as high as 30%.  This is for the majority of countries and as much as 50% in some of the Third World nations which is considered acceptable by these governments because this is all within the parameters set by the One World Council's agenda that is intending to have the total world population reduced up to 50% by the year 2050.

3) Many nations are continuing their preparation to place their populations on a controlled ration system mostly centered around the supply of food and fuel."

*Heaven has continued to show me (and other mystics) large numbers of people standing inline holding ration books that they had to have to get food or fuel.  Heaven started showing this before 2006 and is stressing its urgency more and more especially during the last few weeks of May 2006. 

4) "Wildfires will continue this year in the United States.  Up until now the areas threatened and destroyed by these fires have been rural, but without a change of hearts, they will threaten and even enter into largely populated areas."

*Heaven has shown an aerial view of large fires surrounding large populated areas.  I do not know in what area these fires will occur.  I only know that it is not just one fire but several and that the extent of damage is hinged upon the sincerity of the hearts of the people --- mostly the local population --- that are affected by this treat.  The meaning of sincerity is a consideration of how they will retreat to God in their hearts to intercede for them.  God tests all of us in various ways , day by day, to see if we will turn to Him with sincerity and trust, or only out of desperation.

5) "There will be an armed conflict on the American borders when armed insurgents are discovered entering the United States."

*Heaven showed a scene with American soldiers discovering and confronting individuals trying to come into United States illegally, at several locations.  Heaven showed that the individuals trying to enter the United States were heavily armed.  When it was all over with, a number of the individuals were identified as African Moslem Separatists, as well as agents of several Communist nations.

6)  Gold will soon reach a market value of over $1000 an ounce.  This will bring the financial destruction of many.  This is because many will believe that the value will continue to climb and they will invest much in this speculation only to lose all they have very quickly."

*Heaven has shown that many people are trying to get others to believe in the claim that gold is going to reach $1500 and maybe even as much as $3000 an ounce, only to have the bottom fallout very quickly over a few days time.  Heaven has shown that many people are encouraging others to buy this gold now telling them that they can make an enormous profit when gold reaches $3000 an ounce.  These individuals are planning to have the price of gold quickly reverse forcing the investors to sell off their gold at a lower price before they lose everything.  In this way these unscrupulous individuals who are selling gold at its present price can buy it back later at a much lower price when the market value crashes.  This is one reason why Heaven has said so many times how dangerous it is trying to speculate and invest in commodities that you cannot control. 

"This action will cause a sudden drop in the stock market adding to the losses for many individuals who are told to quickly transfer their investments into stocks as a security."

*As a rule, Heaven does not give financial advice, but Heaven is warning against an impending tragedy that will affect many in this kind of loss of income because for so many it WILL BE just that, a great tragedy.  I do not intend to try to advise anyone in these matters only that I will repeat how risky it is to place your financial securities in areas that are so volatile.  For those individuals who know how to do this on a professional basis, I only encourage you to proceed cautiously and with honesty.  You cannot expect God to consider your actions as if they were honest if you are intending to make your profit at the deliberate and intentional expense of others.


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