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Visions / Predictions

December, 2008


Below are visions given to The Trumpeter/Fr Wingate.  No information was given with them.  They were only "pictures".  Keep in mind they are symbolic...not literal events.

* Flood in France from the northern part down through the central part of the country.

* More fires in the area of Israel, Turkey, and continuing all the way over to India.  These are scattered fires.

* Trails from Russia and China went to the fires.  People on the trails had firewood and were throwing the wood on the fires as they walked on the trails.

* In China, people were building two very tall towers shaped like cell towers or radio towers.  A person would climb up the towers, look around, then go back down and build the towers taller. This person did this several times until the towers collapsed.  The one tower that appeared to be in central China collapsed into a heap.  The other one appeared to be in northern China, and fell over sideways and reached Russia.  The tip of the tower was in Russia.

* In Mexico there is a large lake that started to overflow, then suddenly drained out one side.

* A brush fire had winds blowing the fire towards the Gulf.  It appeared to be south of Mexico City and destroyed crops.  The people called to the government for help, but the government did not respond.  The people circled the fire and stomped it out.

* Mexico City had two gallows in front of the Presidential palace and the cathedral.  One gallow had 7 people hanging --- 1 woman and 6 men.  Several of themen had uniforms on.  The other gallow had 2 men hanging --- one was shot before he was hung.

After several days of hanging there, the people piled wood around the gallows and set them on fire.

* The bells began to ring in the National Cathedral and when it started ringing.... the left tower collapsed.

* Around the world, many will suffer and die for the true faith, but it will be ignored by the media.


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