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  • Biography of Fr. Andrew Wingate/The Trumpeter


Biography of Fr. Andrew Wingate/The Trumpeter

Raised in a Catholic family with 18 children (I'm second in birth order), I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Texas. In my earliest memories of my childhood, I always remember being able to speak with my guardian angel, but learned to keep this to myself to prevent harassment by other children when I found out that everyone doesn't see or speak to their guardian angel.

I met my wife while being stationed in Virginia by the US Army.  We have eight children (two are still in school) and two grandchildren.  My wife and the five school age children moved to the Community of St. Peter, here in Courtland, Minnesota in January, 1998, after being invited to come visit, and then invited to join the Community.

In 1987, Heaven told me that I was going to be prepared for a misson to serve the church.  Our Lord appeared and asked me to serve Him and our Most Holy Mother to help lead the church through its time of crisis (that we are in now), and into the New Era.  In the years that have followed, I can honestly say that I have learned the hard way how to respond to the directions of Heaven, especially when the archangel St. Michael gives these directions (that is a whole story in itself...).

I had dyslexia, therefore reading had been an impediment to me to be able to read and study various subjects that Our Lord wanted me to read and study.  So He removed much of my dyslexia allowing me to read and study materials He wanted, as well as to read and study the materials that various clergy and religious had me read and study to prepare me for the priesthood which He wanted me to prepare for.

Knowing that this was truly a request from Our Lord, I asked Him that my ordination be affirmed with the approval of the Holy Father, John Paul II.  With the usual simplicity of Heaven, I was able to speak with the Holy Father in a semi-private audience, who apparently was aware of what I came to ask as he gave his approval and blessing, and told me to continue to obey the directions of Heaven.  When I asked him who was to ordain me, his reply was to wait for Heaven to send the bishop that I would need.  After a relatively short time had passed, I met  that bishop (+Jacque Jones, now retired) who, after getting to know me, first had me study and become a deacon, and then ordained me to the priesthood, November 30, 1994.

Since moving to the Community, Heaven has allowed me to withdraw from most of my public life which involved a lot of worldwide traveling, where I had met many mystics, seers, visionaries, and prophets, as well as so many thousands of God's wonderful children.

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