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Chronology of Events


(Though NOT all was shown in vision, there is additional information that was given)


**There will be a sinking of a major warship in the North Atlantic. It will be either an aircraft carrier or a full cruiser because Heaven said there will be several thousand deaths. Only those types of ships carry such a large number.

**There is to be a war/invasion of Italy after wars or disturbances have been started in Turkey and Greece, Yugoslavia with Slovakia and Austria, and Egypt with Saudi Arabia, all the different countries along the Baltic and even in Georgia, and also including Lebanon, Israel, Syria and other countries. 

**When this breaks out into continuous wars, Italy will be invaded in a matter of a few days.  You will know the invasion of Italy is coming when a gang-type war breaks out in Northern Italy.  The gang type war is needed to have a military success.  It is part civil war, and part invasion caused by outsiders who want the Italian government overthrown. 

**The president of France will be assassinated, and also the leader of Germany.

**Civil war in Mexico and parts of Central America.

**South America will suffer immense persecution from an individual who will try to start a "United States" of South America.

**The U.S. will be invaded and occupied for a period of six to seven months. It will not exceed 7 months. At the end of this 6 - 7 month time period is when the Great Warning comes. (The Warning is used by God, to stop a Third World War.) Over a third of the United States will be occupied by a foreign force (and as much as a third of the population may be dead). The foreign force will actually be NATO and the United Nations. The U.N. will invade the United States as peacekeepers!  The United Nations will be a united communist force, stating that they have come into the U.S. to liberate the Americans from an occupying force. This is their plan.

They will invade us, just as we have invaded other countries, including the former Yugoslavian nations. We have gone in there as a peace keeping force to make them and their own countries stop fighting. We went in there with our blue helmets and blue berets and everybody backed off. We went there to liberate that country from it's own occupation. This is exactly the same way that they will invade the United States. Obviously racial wars will be an excellent opportunity for the foreign invasion to take place.

**The United States will be involved in three foreign wars when we are invaded. We are already involved in two wars now.


When Heaven was giving information concerning the invasion of our country, details were given concerning various parts that would suffer the most.

**Florida has already been partially invaded in preparation for the full military force that will arrive at a later date.  There are many areas of our country that have already been prepared for the overthrow of our government.  The majority of these people reside within about a 30 mile radius of the military installations that our country keeps armed and ready with various military personnel and military armament.  These individuals have been in our country for as long as 40 years in some cases.

**Heaven has reiterated several times that our country is to expect an invasion force to enter our country during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holidays.  This timeline has been determined by several factors that have been made very clear by Heaven.  One of them being a clearly stated time when the military conflict will be brought to an end.  That is to be in the late Spring to early  Summer.  In other words, between the month of May and July.  We know this because heaven has said that the occupation will last approximately six months, not to exceed seven.  We also know that the sign given by God to stop this war , as well as all other wars, will be given in the late Spring.  Therefore, the duration of the military occupation and its conflict will be for approximately six months.

**The majority of the invading military will come through the state of Texas.

**As for the East and West coasts:  Florida and southern California are the areas intended to have the next largest infiltration of military forces.  Due to our military's quick response in the state of California, there will not be an occupying force in California, as much as there will be in other parts of our country.

**Florida will not fare as well.  Florida's suffering will begin the very first day of the invasion, and will be overrun and completely occupied in a short period of time by the communist forces intent on overthrowing our government.  Due to this circumstance our government will decide to amputate Florida from the rest of the country, and eliminate this area from remaining as an area of massive buildup for our enemies.  Our military will totally destroy the areas extending south from Mobile, Alabama to the Florida Keys.  This will occur approximately two weeks after the initial invasion.  It will be with great remorse that this action will be taken, but consider it an absolute necessity because of the vast numbers of individuals who will be coming into the area for reinforcement of the military occupational forces.

In an effort to make things clearer, I do want to emphasize that the destruction I refer to is mostly the loss of human life.  This is because our government will use bombs on the state of Florida.  And this will happen not once, but twice in some areas.


**In the southern and central part of Texas, our government will use neutron bomb's in the attempt to stop the military forces that are occupying that area, with as little physical destruction as possible.  The forces of the invasion will continue northward up the central part of United States forming a line of separation between the free America and the occupied America until the Great Warning comes to stop all the wars around the world.

**This is not an event that people can blame on God and say that God is doing this to punish mankind.  All of these occurrences are because of events that have already occurred that are making this possible.  This is a punishment that our country is bringing upon itself because of its messages and radio programs.  All of these things can be lessened by the true conversion of the American people by returning as one nation under God.  And for this to happen, the American public must return to obedience to God first, and above and beyond any worldly gains.  This includes the awakening of the American public to the great atrocity of abortion, and invalid and immoral laws that have been passed permitting immorality to have civil protection in our society. 

People must understand that evil does not have a right to be protected.  Just because people may enjoy or prefer an evil, does not mean that these evils have a right to exist in our country much less to be considered as a moral good.  One of the main reasons why we are going to suffer as a nation is because our leaders have failed to lead our citizens as a nation under God.  This is the very first and main reason.  The next is, that the citizens have not demanded that our leaders abandon their immoral ways for the glory of God and the salvation of our nation.

**When the Warning comes, it will stop all the wars. I will go into detail about the Warning later. But for now, know that the Warning will stop all the fighting. Scripture refers to the "turning swords into plowshares.” Mankind will put down its guns and immediately and impulsively begin to rebuild. They will leave the cities by the millions and go into the countryside and build hamlets upon hamlets. The only thing, is that until they have the wisdom that is given to them at the time of the Second Pentecost, they will not completely understand all truths and Christ's Teachings.

**A month AFTER the Great Warning, there will be a HUGE earthquake in Italy that will affect three areas.  The area around Rome, Pompeii, and at the base of the Alps which will cause terrible destruction to Venice, as well as affecting Greece and the Yugoslavia/Bosnia area.  It is a punishment from God because they have given so little respect from having the "Capital of God's Church", the The Seat of Peter, so close to them.

**After that is when miracles are given to prove that there IS an anti-Pope in Rome, and identify the Apostles of the End Times.

**The Anti-Christ will proclaim worldwide that he brought all these things onto the world to lead the world to him. He will instruct all leaders of the world to gather together. When the leaders of the world do gather together at the United Nations, the Anti-Christ will not show up and none of his leaders will show up either. And this is the warning that Heaven gave about the United Nations building and parts of New York being destroyed.


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