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Visions / Predictions

Listed Dates below:

                                December, 2008 - Various Visions


                                 June 1, 2006   - Flu pandemic, wildfires,                                                               rationing, gold, and investments                           

                                 July 22, 2005  - Message from the                                                                    Angel, St Filament, various Visions                            

                                 February 16, 2005 - Visions pertaining to other                                                   countries

                                 November  29, 2004 - Vicious attacks that

                                           are going to bring about an untold number

                                           of deaths


                                 September 15, 2004 - Interruption of food supply


                                 August 1, 2004 - Summary of Coming Events

                                                          and Global Events

Some years ago, The Trumpeter was shown a map of North and Central America that came to be known as the "Invasion Map " or "the Map of Invasion".  It was published a couple of times.  Now for the first time we have it available on this website for you to view. There are no other "invasion maps" for any other parts of the world.  December 6, 2007


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